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Hello!  Happy Monday =)  I am back after almost a week off from blogging!  I hope you will grab our new graphic and join myself and Heather and linkup your Monday post =)

I didn't intentionally take a week off from blogging, but I have been in a "blogging rut" I guess.  But I am out of it now...I hope! ha!  So let's recap the last week.

So spring is upon us...well maybe some of us, but not us here in the NorthEast.  

 We've been dealing with snow and ice once again.  I'm honestly not sure if Spring is ever going to come.

This meme is just about right =)

Alyx and I made homemade blueberry muffins the other day.  She is seriously the pickiest eater ever.  So when she came home from daycare the other day and wanted a blueberry muffin, I texted our daycare person and asked if she had eaten one there and she replied yes, I was shocked!  So if she says there is something she wants...I'll make it! ha!

I may have to share this recipe soon, because they are SO good!  

My little living room makeover is just about complete now.  I am going for that "farmhouse" look, and I am loving it!

Next up is the floors.  They look dirty here in this picture, but trust me they aren't.  They are hardwood and the finish has come off and desperately needs to be done.  We are just trying to decide if we want to spend all the time and money on refinishing them or putting a new floor down.  Decisions decisions!

My love of Rae Dunn has expanded so our dog is now eating and drinking in Rae Dunn style =)

I just LOVE these dog bowls!  I was so excited to find them.  I also passed up the set of 3 flower pots one day last week and when I got home I totally regretted it.  So I went the following day and they were of course gone =(  But I'll keep looking!

This weekend Brian and I had to work.  Saturday was my Birthday, and while I did work, I still had a good day.  The girls and I went to Chick-fil-A for dinner and then did some shopping at Target.  Brian's birthday is this coming week as well, so we plan to celebrate both our days on Tuesday.

The girls current favorite movie is the original Beauty and the Beast.  Thankfully we are taking a break from Trolls! ha!  We watched Beauty and the Beast Saturday night and it was so cute, Alyx wanted to dance with Emma =)

Emma is such a great big sister =)  She puts up with a lot from this little girl, but the love they have for each other is amazing to see.  =)

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Don't forget to link up below =)
Happy Monday!

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