Spring Blog Hop {Cleaning with Vinegar}

Happy Thursday Friends =)

Today I am joining several other bloggers and sharing some Spring tips!  Some are sharing some spring cleaning tips, and some are sharing some fashion tips and tips for kids.  I hope you will get some useful information out of all of them!

I am sharing with you advice and tips with cleaning with vinegar.

So let's start with some tips!

To freshen up your washing machine, because let's face it, they can get pretty nasty smelling!  
Measure 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water and put it in your detergent tray  (for front loaders) or right into the wash tub for top loaders.  Run through a normal warm water cycle, with no clothing in it.  When the cycle completes, wipe the seal with a wet cloth and leave the door open to air out. 

To freshen your towels, this is my absolute favorite tip!  My blog buddy, Justine, is the one that originally told me about this!  Towels can get stiff and kind of smelly.  Even if they are clean!  So here is a tip on how to make them fluffy and smelling fresh again.

Throw your towels in your washer with hot water and one cup of white vinegar.
Run them through again in hot water with 1/2 cup of baking soda. 
Don't add laundry detergent to either cycle.

Your towels will be almost like new again!

This one I always get a little leary about using chemicals on.  So this solution is perfect for refrigerators.

Mix one tablespoon of vinegar to 16 ounces of water and pour into a spray bottle.  Spray on shelves and walls on interior of refrigerator and wipe clean.  You can use the same solution on the outside of your refrigerator as well.  It will leave your fridge sparkly clean!

I hate cleaning toilets.  Like really really hate it.  If we're being honest, usually my husband does it =) 

Pour 1/2 cup to a cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl.  Let it sit for about an hour and then swish it around and flush it.  That's it!  

If you have a normal coffee pot, Keurigs are a bit different and i'll get to that one in a minute.  Fill your coffee pot with equal parts of water and vinegar.  Pour in the water dispenser and run coffee pot as normal.  Empty water and vinegar from coffee pot and run 2-3 cycles with just water.  Wipe with clean, wet cloth until clean.

For your Keurig.
  • Remove the water container on your Keurig, and pour out all water.
  • Fill water container approximately halfway full with White Vinegar {or enough to brew 2 cycles}
  • Place a mug where you’d normally place your coffee mug, and run a brew cycle {without a k-cup}.  The vinegar will run through the machine, cleaning it out along the way!  Toss the contents of the mug down the drain.
  • Repeat by running a second cycle, and tossing the contents of the mug again.
  • Pour out all remaining vinegar from the water container, wash container well, and now fill halfway with water {or enough to brew 2 more cycles}
  • Now brew a cycle with water, toss contents of mug, and repeat brewing 1 more cycle with water.  Remove water container again, pour out remaining water, wash well…. and you’re done!  If you notice any itty-bit of residual vinegar taste in your coffee going forward, simply brew two more water-only cycles. 

Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into your garbage disposal and let sit for about an hour.  Run cold water in the disposal and turn on disposal to clean.  
I don't know about you, but our garbage disposal can get pretty nasty smelling.  I used to use 1/2 of a lemon, but it was pretty rough on the blades.  This is much easier to do =)

I really hope these tips have helped you!

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