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Hello!  Happy Monday!  I'm excited that Heather is joining me as a new co-host for hello Monday!  So be sure to grab our new graphic, linkup your Monday post below.  Any post goes =)

We had a super busy but GREAT weekend! 
Friday after work we headed to Lowes and Home Depot to get stuff for a mini living room makeover.
We literally painted and re-did our living room less than a year ago.  I have really really disliked our wall color since the second it went up on the walls.  But I really thought it would grow on me.  Well it never did.  So I talked Brian into letting us re-do it =)

I never really took a great "before" picture.  So this is the best you get.

I really didn't like the blue at all.  Have I mentioned that before?  ha!
My inspiration was all about Joanna Gaines.

Wouldn't that be great! haha =)

So anyway...Saturday morning Brian started before I was even out of bed.  God love him!

I decided I really wanted shiplap above our fire place, and I was certain the paint color was going to be Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Well see to the left of the fire place?  Brian painted that section agreeable gray and I hated it.  So back to Lowes I went to exchange it.  It wasn't the warm grey/beige I was expecting.

So I chose "Perfect Greige" by SW.

When I got home with it, Brian finished the ship lap and got started on the painting.  And then he sent me off shopping with the girls =)  It was way easier for him to paint without Alyx asking him every 2 seconds to help him =)

Alyx thought she should buy this microphone accessory to bring home =)

I got home and it was pretty much done.  Yesterday morning when we got up Brian and both decided we really disliked the orange oak mantle we had.  So he built a new one!  He did really great with it I think!

And the finale picture...

It's such a change, and it's just exactly what I was looking for!!  We've talked about white washing the bricks, but as of right now we're going to hold off on it.  But I think it would look good =)

And last night I took the girls to see the new Beauty & The Beast movie.

Both girls loved it!  And I did too! 
It was so cute, and sooo well done.  Emma Watson played an amazing Belle.  If you haven't seen it...go!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Don't forget to link up with Heather and I below =)
Have a great Monday!!

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