hello Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!  Link up below with your Monday post =)

This is probably going to be the most boring Monday post ever.  The weekends I work are pretty low key and there really isn't much "fun" in our weekends.

The girls and I went to dinner Friday evening at McDonalds.  Very fancy I know!  Emma wanted a picture before we left =)

After we headed to a couple of stores and then I dropped both girls off at my inlaws to spend the night.  Saturday morning I had to be at work at 4am, and usually my mother in law comes to our house in the morning, but she would have had to have been there at like 3am Saturday.  So it was just easier the girls stay at their house.  

Saturday my mom ended up coming down for the day/night.  My poor mother in law ended up getting sick so my mom stepped in to watch the girls.  

Almost a year ago we got Emma a phone.  I passed down my old iPhone 5c to her.  Well, it's not been keeping a charge at all, and I pretty much refused to spend $100 on a new battery for it.  A girl I work with offered to sell me her iPhone 6 that she had for 6 months for only $50!  I was shocked and Emma was beside herself happy!

She lucked out for sure!  

Saturday evening we went out for dinner with my mom and then she needed to stop at the grocery store.  When Nana is in town you apperantly get a cookie the size of your head =)

Crazy kid!

Yesterday my mom headed back home, and she made us some homemade Whoopie Pies before she left.

They are SO good.  No whoopie pie compares to my moms.  I've always told her she should sell them.  

Now it's Monday and we are preparing for another HUGE snowstorm.  I'm over winter.  Like OVER it.  We've had more snow this winter than I can ever remember.  And the temperatures have been so cold.  Friday with the windchill is -26 below zero.  We are suppose to get close to 2 feet of snow tomorrow into Wednesday.  Let's hope it melts quickly.  

I hope you all have a great Monday.  And I hope you had a great weekend!!

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