Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends =)  I'm linking up today as always with Narci, Andrea and Erika =)

We had a pretty good week around here! By far my favorite was watching Emma compete in the state YMCA swim meet =)  

I could watch her swim!  You can read my swim meet recap by clicking HERE 

I am a huge sucker for sunrises and sunsets.  During the winter months I hardly ever see them on my way to work, but it's starting to be lighter in the mornings now on my way to work.  

I had to stop and take this picture the other day.  So beautiful =)

The other night I had to laugh.  Emma has snap chat and she she posted this picture.

Seriously so cute!  And I was really happy to know that she enjoys my cooking! ha =)
We had a super yummy chicken and broccoli Alfredo that particular night.  I may have to share the recipe soon! 

Thursday morning I woke up wayyy before everyone else.  It was nice.  So I was able to enjoy my coffee and some news in peace and quiet ;)

I am in love with my new Rae Dunn "Hop" mug.  It says "Hip" on the other side =)

I dropped Emma off at school and she spotted her friends and was on a dead run to catch up with them.

It wasn't until this year that she has made this really great group of friends.  She's always had friends, but this year it's different.  She has this little group of them and they all get along so well.  
She is growing up wayy too fast!

I think she dresses cuter than I do! ;)

Yesterday Emma had a Dentist appointment to fix her two upper front teeth.  They've always been kind of jagged, so yesterday she had them fixed!

She played Xbox until it was her turn.

And then she got a chair massage while she was waiting for the Dentist to come
into the room.

And then she watched a movie.  Yeah, our Dentist office is pretty terrible to go to! ;) haha

And not long after they were finished!

Looks SO much better.  Not that they looked horrible before, but they look really nice now. 

I hope you all had a great week and have a good weekend!! 
See you back here Monday!

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