Weekend Recap

The weekend is over yet again!  They always go by so fast.  We had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday morning we got up fairly early.  I had made an appointment for Emma to finally have her hair cut.  And as you know, we had a dilemma as to just how short we should go.  Here is the before picture of Emma...

Her hair was such a mess.  And to brush or comb it...it was almost like I was torturing her.  It was horrible!  lol 
She decided she didn't want to go too short.  But she still had quite a bit taken off!  I took some pictures this morning right before leaving for school!
Sooo much healthier and better looking =)
And we couldn't take pictures without taking a silly one too =)

Saturday we went to my parents for the night.  Brian had to work =(  My entire family went out for dinner Saturday night.  I think there was 16 of us total that went.  It was nice to see everyone, and Emma got to see some of her cousins that she doesn't see too often.  And we had a great meal too!
Yesterday consisted of me getting up wayyyy too early.  7am.  I'm not sure why I was up so early, since I was at my parents and they got up with Emma.  Oh well.  Last night we were all in bed pretty early. 
We don't have much planned for this week, other than school and work.  Emma does have a field trip at school planned for Wednesday.  They are going to the Planetarium.  She is very excited about it!  She brought home a progress report on Friday.  They have been learning a lot about Science and the planets, and she got amazing remarks on her progress report about how well she is doing in that area.  She did well in all areas, but I may have a little scientist on my hands =)  Haha
On another note.  According to the weather report we are in for 16 inches of snow over the next 48 hours.  Ummm No Thanks.  I'm over winter.  Way over winter.   Is spring here yet???
Happy Monday!!