Tuesday & A Recipe

What a morning we had today!  Brian told me last night before we went to bed that he was getting up at 6:00.  He is working all days this week, which has been awesome for him.  I heard him get up and I figured he was going to wake Emma up.  I ended up rolling back over and falling back to sleep.  I woke up around 7:15 ish and got up, noticed that Brian was in the shower and it was awful quiet in the house.  Guess what?  Emma was still sleeping!  We leave the house at 7:40, and she still had a book to read before school.  Plus eat breakfast!  Lol  So needless to say we rushed like no other this morning, and guess what she got for breakfast this morning....a chocolate granola bar =/.  Yeah I know, I deserve the mother of the year award! LOL  But she made it to school on time.  Brian took her since he was heading to work anyway.  So that left me here by myself today!  I headed to town to Target and Walmart to do some shopping and had coffee by myself.  I have to say it was nice and relaxing.  Although I do love when Brian is off and able to spend the day with me. 

After school we went right to gymnastics.  Emma did a lot of new stuff today, so I didn't want to distract her by taking pictures.  So I just stuck with taking pictures when she was at the other end of the gym on the bars.  Her absolute favorite!

Her coach is just amazing with her.  She is really patient with her, but she can be strict when she needs to be. 
Since Brian was going to be home tonight in time for dinner I wanted to make something yummy.  Homemade Mac & Cheese sounded good, so that's what we went with.  I found a new recipe, and I have to share it with you guys.  I have tried a few Mac & Cheese recipes, and it annoys me so bad when it comes out with chunks in it.  I have never been able to find a recipe that was nice and smooth and silky...until now!  I came across this recipe while at gymnastics looking for one on my phone. 
It's called Fannie Farmer's Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese.  If you click on that link it will link you directly to the recipe for it.  I completely forgot to take a picture of it when it first came out of the oven, so my picture is completely terrible and I probably shouldn't even post it, but oh well!
The only thing I did different was I doubled the recipe.  And next time I definately wouldn't because there would have been so much left over.  But, since we live across the street from inlaws, I brought it to their house and we shared it with them.  Everyone really loved it.  So if you do try this, let me know! 
While I was cooking I asked Emma if she could pick up the living room a little for me.  Her answer was, "Sure".  I almost passed out because usually it's, "I don't want to right now" {insert whining voice while saying that} lol  She even came into the kitchen asking for paper towels and spray.  After she was done she wrote this note.

The arrow at the very end is pointing to the living room! haha  She did a great job cleaning it, she even washed our side tables and refolded blankets and placed the couch pillows perfectly back on the couch.  So it's proven that she can really help when she wants to =)
I am really beginning to think that the behavior chart is working, lets just hope she doesn't get too used to it and give up on it =)


  1. Oh my, that little note is so stinkin' cute! :-)

  2. I am going to have to try out that mac-n-cheese recipe, because the girls and I would agree with you... we hate that chunkiness in the ones I have made. :(

    R just asked the other day if she could be in gymnastics, so I think I am going to look into it. Emma is so good at it!

    I love that little note!

  3. Send Emma my way next! My house could use a little TLC.