Adventures in Couponing

Shocking right?  I went couponing this afternoon! LOL  I had planned going this morning after dropping Emma off at school, but I couldn't get out of my own way this morning.  I was sooo tired.  So instead I came home, sat in the recliner started watching the Today Show, and before I knew it I woke up and it was almost noon.  We picked Emma up from school at 2:15 and then went to Target.  She was exhausted this afternoon and fell asleep in the cart again.  School definately wears her out.  So here is what I got this time.

12 boxes of Bounce dryer sheets, 2 bottles of Pledge Multi Surface, 2 things of Deodarant, 2 containers of floss, 1 bag of Tide Pods, 2 small bottles of Suave shampoo, and 4 bags of beggin strips.  Total cost was $51.00.  After coupons I paid $12.31.  =)  Not too shabby!  We now have a ton of Beggin' Strips, so I am planning on making a trip in the next day or 2 with Emma to our local Animal Orphange to give most of bags to them. 
So back to this morning, Emma had a complete meltdown this morning that I didn't pick out a dress for her to wear to school.  Full blown tears and everything.  So of course, I gave in and got a dress out for her.  I should have taken a picture of her before she left this morning because she looked soooo cute.  After school she was a little on the frazzled side.  Messy hair, twisted belt on the dress, shoes off.  LOL  Anyway, I still think she's pretty darn cute =)
Anyone watch the season finale of The Bachelor tonight??  I was a tad disappointed as to who he picked, but oh well!  I'm super excited to see that the next Bachelorette is going to be Des!  She is the one I wanted Sean to pick originally.  Andddd...does anyone watch Army Wives?  I was shocked to say the least at the season premiere last night.  I don't think this season is going to be the same at all.
 Now that everyone is in bed sleeping, and well I should be too, I am searching for just the perfect easter skirt for Emma! =)