Tuesday Ramblings & Snow

Snow.  Really?  How much more are we going to get?  So far we have about 5 inches of snow, and they say we are probably going to get up to 18 inches.  And tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  Crazy!!

My morning started off a little after 5am, when I got a text message from Emma's school saying that there was no school today because of the weather.  I expected to get up and look out the window and see all kinds of snow.  There was nothing.  It didn't actually start snowing until around 11ish.  So we had a day spent at home watching shows and playing.  It will probably be cancelled for tomorrow as well.  If that's the case, Emma will be devastated since she has her class field trip to the planetarium.  She's been waiting to go for the last couple of weeks.  We'll keep our fingers crossed!

I really don't even have any fun pictures to share today =(  Boring, yes I know! 

I came home last night to find that our dog, who we have been leaving out of his crate while we are gone, got into our recycling bin and decided to tear everything up.  I was so not impressed.  So needless to say, tonight he is back in his crate for the night while we are at work. 

See what I got in the mail yesterday!  I contacted Amazon because my Kindle was having major battery issues.  It wouldn't hold a charge at all.  Amazon's response was, No problem, we will send a replacement Kindle Fire out to you free of charge.  Sweet!!  So I have to say their customer service is awesome!!

That's all the Ramblings I have for today.  Maybe tomorrow may be a little more exciting! HA! =)


  1. Sorry you are stuck with so much snow!!!

  2. More snow? Really?! Mother Nature totally missed the memo about Spring happening tomorrow. Sending a little SoCal sun your way in hopes that things warm up and thaw out for you!

  3. the snow is never ending. & yay for good customer service!

  4. We are praying the snow stays away from us, and we will likely just get more rain and high winds...that keeps us inside too. I don't know what I would do without my Kindle Fire. I too feel Amazon gives good customer service, and I know you were glad to get another one. Hope your Wednesday is a good one!

  5. Amazon does have pretty good customer service! Did you have the Fire before or just the normal Kindle?

    1. I had the fire before...I love it! My mother in law just got the Fire HD, and that one is pretty cool too!