Our Saturday

Our Saturday was suppose to start out bright and early with a gymnastics class.  However...Emma ended up crawling into bed with me at 5:30 this morning, and fell back asleep.  At 8:00 she woke up and asked if she could please stay home today because she was "soooo tired".  I completely agreeded, so we stayed in bed and guess what?  We both fell back asleep until 9:30.  She apperantly was really tired, and I guess I was too =) 

I went to the store this morning and when I came back Emma had decided to play dress up while I was gone.  And I totally should have taken a picture but I didn't!  She had makeup all over her face and had a dress on.  It was actually quite funny! 

We made lunch together this afternoon.  At Emma's request we had salami & cheese sandwiches, homemade macaroni salad, cantelope, and black olives.  Odd combo of things, but she loved it and ate it all up!

I let Emma dress herself today.  I have to say, she doesn't have much of a fashion sense!  LOL  But we aren't going anywhere today so I figure i'll just let her stay in this outfit.  And I often let Emma eat her lunch in the living room. 
I think she is eating the cheese of her sandwich in this picture.  haha
You can somewhat see her beautiful outfit in this picture.  Grey & Pink heart shirt matched with a pair of yellow and white striped leggings.  Beautiful!!  And it also appears that she may be either feeding the dog or teasing him with a piece of food.  He was definately begging for some food =)
Back a couple of days ago I mentioned our behavior chart we started March 1st.  We are 9 days into this month and Brian and I both see a HUGE difference in her behavior.  At the end of the night she is sooo anxious to get a star on the calander that she tries sooo hard to get a gold star.  We went with 3 different colors.  Gold for Great.  Silver for Good.  And Red....Bad.  Lol  
So far we have 5 Gold Stars, 2 Silver and 1 Red.  We'll see how the rest of the month goes!

I completely forgot to post the pictures from the Father/Daughter dance.  We just got the cd of them the other day, and i'm in love with them.  They are by far my most favorite picture of Brian and Emma!
I can't wait to get these printed and framed! 
I have to work tonight.  Yuckkk!  I keep trying to convince Brian that he should let me stay at home and be a stay at home mom.  But he keeps saying no.  LOL  Enjoy your Saturday all! =)