Random Tuesday & Recipe

Is it Friday yet??  Haha  We're only into the second day of the week and i'm already asking that.  We're dog sitting again for the second week in a row.  I'm not gonna lie.  It's hard work!  I'm used to having a lazy dog, but with the other 2 dogs here, they play constantly!  And Gunner and the big dog Ruger...play rough.  The other dog, Duke...well he just sleeps all day.  Duke is 17 years old.  He's an old old man =)  He is so sweet though. 
I finally got completely caught up last night with watching The Bachelor! 

Anyone else watching it??  I was soooo upset to see Sean let Desiree go home =(  She was my number 1 pick from the very beginning.  So it's between Catherine & Lindsay.  I'm really hoping he chooses Lindsay!
                                           Catherine                                       Lindsay
Has anyone seen the show North Woods Law on Animal Planet?  It's a reality type show about Game Wardens here in Maine.  It's actually pretty good.  If you haven't seen it, check it out =)
After I dropped Emma off this morning at school I went to Target to do some more couponing.  Most of my coupons are gone now, so i'll be done for a while.  But my "Stockpile" is pretty good right now! 
8 bottles of Shaving Gel, 6 bottles of Dial Hand soap, 4 packages of floss, and 4 packages of Beggin Strips.  $12.00.  Not too bad I suppose =)
Last night I made a new recipe.  Chicken pillows.  Ever heard of them?  I made dinner for my inlaws since my mother in law is still recovering from her knee surgery.  I had heard of these chicken pillows, but had never made them.  They were a huge hit and will definately be one of our favorite meals to make now!  I didn't take any pictures of them, because of course my camera was home.  But the recipe came from the blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything.  If you click on that, it will direct you right to the recipe.   The only thing that I did different was I didn't serve it with the gravy on top.  The gravy is made with cream of chicken soup, and Brian isn't a fan of that at all.  So we went gravyless and it was perfect.  I also didn't use the dried chives.   Her recipe shows to cook for 20-25 minutes, but I ended up cooking them for almost 35 minutes, because the dough was still a little doughy after 25 mins.  If you try them, let me know how you like them! =)
So i'm pretty excited!!  I called Brian up at work the other night and told him I would really like to get away for the night, just the 2 of us.  To my surprise he said, "Sounds good"!  So this Saturday we we are heading to Portland for the day/night.  I'm excited, it's been a while since just the 2 of us went anywhere for the night.  I can't wait!!  And Emma will have a blast with my parents too =) 
Em has gymnastics after school, so I will be sure to take pictures and blog about that later today =)



  1. Friday seems SO FAR AWAY! I'm kind of over this week.
    Your mini-getaway sounds like so much fun. Maybe I can convince the hubs we need to do something like that soon.

  2. Jealous of your little getaway! I'm totally ready for Friday too haha.

  3. I used to coupon, but I kind of got out of it. I always landed awesome deals, but it is a bit of work. You're inspiring me to pick it up again!

  4. I am watching the show! I just love him! And, I was sad to see Desiree go too. :( Who do you think he will choose? Lindsay?

    You are a couponing queen! Great job!

    I am going to totally have to check out that recipe. Sounds good!

    And, how fun that the two of you are getting away this weekend! I wish we were.