Round 2

Shortly after Christmas, Emma had a sleepover with her "BFF", and around 10 o'clock that night her friends mom called me and said Emma was running a fever.  Ughhh.  So I went and picked her up.  I felt soooo bad for Em because she was looking forward to staying the night there.  The other night they called and asked if Emma could sleepover tonight!  She was pretty excited.  And she got to use her new bag that her Godmother Chelsea sent her from Georgia =)

Our house has been Crazy this week!  We are dog sitting for a friend of ours while she is at training for work for the next 2 weeks.  So we have 2 extra dogs at our house.  Our dog Gunner is loving it...but our cats, not so much!  

 Ours is one the left, and Ruger is on the right.  They have the entire house to find a spot to lay down and these 2 dogs choose to lay together and sleep in Rugers crate!  Crazy dogs!

On another note, i'm starting to notice a lot of people wearing TOMS shoes now.  Emma has a pair of the silver sparkly ones, and i'm thinking I *really* need to get a pair.  Are they ugly?  Yeah some of them are, but some of them are also super cute!  These are the ones that i'm really loving...what do you think?  Which would you chose?  

So those are the 3 I am choosing between.  I know, I know, i'm kinda lacking in the color department.  But i'm looking for something neutral that will go with a lot. Which would you pick?  

This is my last night of work for a couple of nights, and Brian and I actually have the next 2 entire days off together!  Emma is on February break from school this week so we are hoping to do something fun tomorrow.  She has requested to go to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for lunch, that is by far her favorite restaurant =)  Hopefully we'll find something fun to do after!