Father/Daughter Dance

Last night Emma had a big date, with her Dad.  Our Rec Department in our town hosts an annual Father/Daughter Valentines Day dance each year.  I had searched and searched for a dress for Emma, and i'm pretty sure I was being way too picky and I couldn't find one anywhere. Finally the other night I found a brand new with tags Old Navy dress on Ebay.  So I ordered it and thankfully it was here in time for the dance! 

I took her to the salon before the dance to get her hair done all pretty =)  She chose how she wanted it.  French braided across the front and the rest pulled up and curled.  I think it came out so cute!
And i'm sorry, I didn't bring my camera with me to the salon, so you have to look at phone pictures =)
Her hair appointment was at 2:00, she was done by 2:30 and the dance wasn't until 6:00.  Everytime she moved I think I freaked out! Haha  I was terrified she was going to start doing cartwheels or backflips at home and completely ruin her hair.  But she did really well! 
She and Brian got all "prettied" up and we went to his parents house to take pictures.
My brother in law took my niece Hannah as well.  She looks completely grown up to me all of a sudden.  This not so little girl anymore is going to be 10 next month! 
They had such a great time dancing their little hearts out!  Brian isn't much of a dancer, so i'm assuming that he only danced during the slow dances with Emma! haha  Emma was exhausted by the time they got home around 9:00 last night.  I'm so glad they were able to go and spend time with each other!
So now I have to back up to Friday.  Emma had gymnastics Friday evening, and it was the last class of this session.  After every session, they test the kids on their abbilities, and they either move onto the next level, or stay in the level they are currently on.  The first thing they had to do was handstands, and Emma kept her handstand for a good 7 to 8 seconds.  I was pretty proud =)  After the class was over they were all given a pamphlet showing what they need to work on and what level they needed to sign up for.  Well Emma was the only one that wasn't given a pamphlet and the coach asked to meet with her after all the kids had left.  Her coach had Emma do handstands, cartwheels, backflips, had her do the bars, and the vault.  So now here comes my mommy bragging moment...The coach came over to me and said that Emma was moving onto the Advanced level!!  Emma was beyond excited and I am pretty darn proud of her.  She works so hard at it, and she just absolutely loves it.  She still does 2 regular classes a week plus 1 private class a week.  As long as she continues to love it, we'll continue paying for all the classes =)

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.  This is hard to believe but it is snowing like crazy here for the second day in a row.  How many days until spring??? =)
Ohhh...and be sure to check out my other post from today on some recipes that I blogged about!


  1. Those pictures of her and daddy are adorable. I think it's awesome for daddy's and daughters to have that special time together. Emma looked so cute. Congrats to her on the gymnastics that's awesome

  2. she is adorable, and so glad they had a good time. Of course you are proud of her abilities in gymnastics, as well you should be.

  3. The pictures are too cute---loved her hair and dress of course :-) What a fun thing to do with the two of them!

    And yay Emma--that's so cool about the gymnastics! I think maybe this summer I'm going to try getting the girls in gymnastics if I can find one class they can both do together or at the same time at least. Ballet is usually off in the summer so it'd be a good time to try something new :-)

  4. Wooohoo EMMA! That is great news!!!
    She looked so lovely!

  5. What a fun time! Emma looked adorable (as usual:)!
    Before I become a full-time mommy I worked for a Parks and Rec department that held a Daddy/Daughter date night each year around Valentine's Day. It was one of my favorite events; seeing all the little girls so giddy with excitement, and their daddy's who were genuinely happy to be there with their little girls.

  6. She looked absolutely beautiful! I love how her hair turned out! I know I would have been freaking out every time she moved too, haha! And the dress... great find!

  7. stop.right.now if this isn't the cutest thing ever! what a beautiful family you have!!


  8. This just melts my heart! What a stylish, adorable little dress. So far, with only one boy, daddy won't get to have anything like this, but I guess I get to look forward to mommy-son dances! :)

    1. You do have the mommy-son dances to look forward to! Emma was so funny, before they left she gave me a hug and said "i'm sorry you can't come with us, are you sad?" It was sooo sweet!

  9. That's so sweet! She looked beautiful! My Emma and hubs are going to one next month! I can't wait!