Sunday Funday!

We had a really great weekend here!  Yesterday consisted of Brian sleeping in until almost 3:00 since he worked a 16 hour shift the night before and that morning.  Crazy.  We then went and ran some errands and headed to my sister in laws for her Birthday.  We celebrated with pizza and cake!  Can't go wrong with that!! =) 

Today Brian and I were both up at 5:10 am.  Yeah.  Not sure why either.  But it was nice to sit and relax together in the morning before Emma was up.  She got up around 7ish, and we all showered and got ready to head to Southwest Harbor to meet with the Timeshare people!!  I have to say I was a little mad when we got there.  I had been emailing back and forth with a certain lady there who had been very helpful.  We made the appointment to meet today at 10.  We got there and guess who wasn't working?  Yeah...the lady that we made the appointment with.  I guess I just wish she would have called or emailed me to let me know.  But ohhh well.  We met with another lady who was very helpful.  I did bring my camera with me, but I felt super weird taking it out and taking pictures.  So in just used my cellphone, so the pictures aren't very good.  But here is the place we are going to be buying into! 

Not too bad huh?  There are some areas that need to be updated, but they are in the middle of doing some renovations.  We really don't see us staying here very often though.  We are basically buying into this particular timeshare to trade for other timeshares in other states.  Like Florida =)
Soooo...wanna know some details about this?  Well, Brians parents have been owners of this same timeshare for about 20 years.  They love it.  Back then they paid about $8,000 for it.  Now they are going for close to $20,000 in some places.  However....this place we are buying through has a few of these for sale that were foreclosures.  And the one we chose is costing us $510.  Yup you read it correctly =)  We also have to pay a deed fee and then a yearly maintenance fee.  But that is really nothing at all.  I'm beyond excited to be able to trade this and go to different places!! 
In other mother in law is having a complete knee replacement tomorrow =(  I'm sure she is going to be super duper sore for the next few weeks.  They expect she is going to be in the hospital for a few days before she will be able to come home.  Thankfully my mom is coming down for a few days to stay with Emma on the days that Brian and I have to work. 
We had people over tonight to watch the Superbowl.  And Oh My Food!  We had so much food that it was crazy.  But bonus for leftovers!  =) 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and is enjoying the superbowl =)