Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  We had a good quiet day.  Emma had her Valentines Day party at school.  She came home with a big heart that she made full of goodies!  Candy, stickers, Candy, temporary tattoos, Candy, Pencils, etc...You get the idea!  Anddd...yesterday I realize I never picked up a Valentines day shirt for her.  Uh oh!  Slacking big time, and she wasn't very happy!  So needless to say before I came to work yesterday I quickly stopped at the mall, and thankfully found a shirt at The Gap.  And the best part, Emma loved it!  Score!  =)

I did take more pictures on my camera today, but those are at home, and i'm at work!  So i'll blog more about our Valentines Day tomorrow.  Since Brian and I are both working tonight, we are going to do dinner out on Sunday.  Saturday is Emma and Brian's date to the Father/Daughter dance.  She is beyond excited!!!  
I'm so behind on blogging.  I have a lot of stuff started, like some new recipes that I want to share with you all =)  I've started making homemade bread and rolls, and oh my word. Sooo good.  I'll definitely post the recipes soon.  

Emma missed school Monday and Tuesday this week.  She was super sick.  I'm ready for winter to be over and done with.  She has been sick so much this winter that it's awful.  This time around it was a fever and a short bout of vomitting.  The fever was the worst.  I've never seen her so down and out, never moved off the couch for 2 entire days other than to use the bathroom and when I made her take a tub.  I'm so glad she is feeling better and she has her dance this weekend to look forward to!! 

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! =)


  1. We've been sick a ton this winter, too. More than ever before. And let me tell you, I am over it!

  2. Glad to hear Emma is feeling better! We haven't been sick a lot, but when the colds/flu bugs DO hit they are vicious.
    Happy Heart Day!

  3. So glad Emma is feeling better---can't wait to hear all about her big dance! :-)