Friday =)

What a day!!  I felt like it was one of those days where we stayed busy from the second we got up until, well, about right now!  After lunch today we went out couponing!!  Waahooo!  =)  It had been a while since I had been, so I was definately overdue for a trip.  I like when Brian goes with me, cause well let's face it, i'm not exactly the best at math and Brian helps out in that department! LOL  So today Brian came, and we went with his best friend Tommy, and his sister Jen.  We had a blast!  Emma also came and she was absolutely perfect!!!!  I brought my kindle with me because I knew she would be bored.   She sat in the back of the cart and played games and read books while we shopped.  We were in Target for probably a good 2 hours.  Not all that time was spent shopping, we oftened stopped in the middle of aisles and just chatted.  It was good =)   So here's what I got!

4 Dial hand soaps, 4 Sun dishwashing detorgent, 1 package of Bic razors, 2 Renuzit air freshners, 1 bag of Tide Pods, 4 bags of Beggin dog strips, 2 bags of M&M's, 8 bottles of Gillette shaving gel, 2 bottles of Coffee Mate creamer and 4 packages of Carmex lip balm. 
And I spent.........$18.00!  Not too shabby I say! =)   So now I have my very own little "stockpile" in our basement. 
I'm pretty much set in the laundry detergent department for a while I think ;)  It's fun couponing and saving money...kind of addicting too!
So after our couponing trip we decided to take Emma to open gym at the Y.  We had never taken her to the open gym and I was certain she was going to love it.  She was pretty excited too!  We got there and there were a ton of kids/teens/college kids there.  The coaches yelled for everyone to go and stretch.  Emma went out and I think she thought it was going to be a structured class.  She got out onto the gym mat and just stood there.  I could tell by the look on her face that she was scared to death.  About 1 minute later the tears started flowing and she came running to us.  I felt sooo bad for her because I knew she was nervous.  There wasn't a single person there that she knew other than 1 of the coaches.  Then one of the teens from the gymnastics team saw that Emma was scared and she came over and got Emma and brought her out to the mat to help her =)  Soooo proud of that girl for noticing Emma being scared and helping out the situation!  Made me smile definately!  After that she was completely fine and said she wants to do open gym again! 
Just around dinner time tonight we had the biggest melt down from Emma, oh my gosh it was horrible!!  I'm blaming it on a mixture of her being tired and hungry.  We were going out for dinner and every restaurant we threw out there for her she shot down giving us an excuse for every restaurant as to why she didn't want to go to that certain one.  Oh.My.Word.  Finally she decided on Texas Roadhouse.  So we go there, and the wait was over an hour.  We had forgot it was a Friday night and the high school basketball tournaments are going on so everything was super busy.  Brian wanted Pizza from a local pizza shop, Emma said absolutely not to Pizza, she wanted "meat"  LOL   So we go to UNO.  What does Emma order?  Pizza.  When she said she was getting Pizza I thought Brian was going to scream because the pizza at UNO is about triple the price than our local pizza shop we wanted to go to.  So then Emma starts crying, and it was just a mess.  Needless to say, Emma ended up with pizza from UNO.  Oh the meldowns of a 6 year old.   So yeah, that was our exciting Friday night.  How was yours??  =)

We both work this weekend, and I'm already ready for days off again!  haha  Happy Weekend everyone!!