Thanksgiving Sunday

Yup!  We had Thanksgiving dinner today! =)  My mother in law had a turkey in the freezer and invited us all for a "Thanksgiving" lunch!!  Nothing better than turkey and all the fixins!  We had a really good lunch with my inlaws, brother in law, his wife and my niece Lily.

It's a blurry picture of Lily because she moved just as I snapped the picture!  But cute none the less!! =)

We had an uneventful weekend.  Brian and I are both working this weekend.  So Emma spent last night with my in-laws and she is staying their tonight as well.  

I do have some exciting news.  Exciting to us anyway!  We got an unbelievable deal on buying into a Time Share, so we are doing it!!!  I'm sooo excited!  I don't want to jinx ourselves because we haven't signed any of the paperwork yet.  We are going Sunday to look at a timeshare here in Maine and get all the paperwork lined up.  The awesome thing about it is that we don't ever have to use the Time Share here in our state, we can transfer it to anywhere in the country or world at that!  Once all the paperwork is done and all that i'll post more details!!  

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!! =)