It's Friday!

It's Friday!  I love Fridays that I am off, but totally wish I had the whole weekend off.  This morning Emma got up in a super duper good mood.  I *love* these mornings! haha  She is not usually a morning person at all.  She likes to sleep in.  And well so do I =)  We headed off to school, but I had to take a quick picture of her in her new Owl hat.  I'm in love with it!!

I think it's just adorable!!  =)

 After I dropped Emma off at school I came home and had a terrible headache.  I went back to lay down and ended up waking at at 1:45!  I couldn't believe I slept that long after sleeping all night.  Apparently I was exhausted!  We picked Miss Emma up at school at 2:15 and then went grocery shopping.  I came home and cooked an early dinner since Brian had to work tonight.  Meatloaf, mashed potato and squash.  It was sooo good.  It's nice to have comfort food like that now and then! =)  

After dinner Emma and I headed to gymnastics.  She did awesome tonight!!!

 Isn't it sad that Emma doesn't have any leotards!  Such a shame.  And one is missing from this picture.  It's "misplaced" somewhere and I cannot for the love of me find it.  I'm sure it'll turn up!  

I completely forgot my camera at home so I didn't get very many good photos.  I did take a couple with my cell phone.  She looovvesss the tumble track.  When she gets to the end of it now she holds the back of her knees and flips into the foam pit.  She did so well!  Sunday the Gymnastics team is having a gymnastics competition at the Y, so I plan on taking Emma.  I think she will LOVE it!  

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  It's my weekend to work, but it's only 2 days, and then i'm off for 2 more days! =)


  1. Woohoo for the weekend!
    Love Emma's collection of leotards. :)

  2. I am retired, but still love the weekends and look forward to them, as if I still only had 2 days off! She is precious and love the owl hat!

  3. That hat is too cute! Brianna has one very similar that is pink and she loves it. Of course, we don't have tons of opportunity for her to wear it, but it's adorable when she does :-)

  4. Super cute hat! Love all the leotards. I am sorta wanting to buy Raya more ballet ones---she *only* has two! lol