It's Friday.  And boy oh boy am I glad I have Saturday and Sunday off!!!  It's been a really long 3 days at work.  I don't usually let work get to me, but last night it got to me.  I won't go into a lot of details...but talking an elderly man through CPR on his wife of 50 years is difficult.  And then finding out she didn't make it.  It stinks.  It's always the calls with the old people and kids that get to me.  I deal with these calls every single day.  This sounds terrible, but it's routine for me.  But this one just got to me, and gosh I feel bad for this man.  And unfortunately that won't be the last call I take like this. Buttttttt anyway.  I'm also really glad to have a couple of days off with Miss Emma!

Like 4 years ago we bought a Wii.  We haven't really used it that much lately.  And then I signed up for Netflix.  Since we watch the Netflix through the Wii, Emma has come to LOVE playing the Wii.  So as I was going through our games we have, I found a game that Emma got for her Birthday in 2011.....yeah I am terrible, it had never been opened.  So she has had a blast playing it.  It's Barbies Groom & Glam Pups.  It's pretty cute!

Not the greatest of pictures...but it'll do =)

I have also decided at night when i'm super bored I needed something to do.  So I decided to teach myself to knit!  I found an awesome tutorial on youtube.  And it was super helpful.  After one night I finished a dishcloth =)

Not too bad for my first one!  I think i've made 3 now.  They are really super easy to make and they pass time.

So for Christmas I got a couple of Starbucks gift cards <3.  LOVE.  The other day Brian and I were at Target...and our Target just so happens to have a Starbucks in it.  So I hopped over there and they were selling reusable cups for $1.00.  And best part, you can refill them anytime and pay only 52 cents for coffee and $1.00 for lattes!  

Tomorrow we are heading to my parents house for the night.  Brian has to work at the PD up there tomorrow night, so Emma and I are going to stay the night.  I love going home =)  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!



  1. So sad about that old man :-(

    I can't knit for the life of me! I've tried many times, but I think since I taught myself to crochet first, that my brain just can't adjust to knitting---I can't do two needles lol

  2. Sad about your are one brave lady to do that type work; it takes a special person to do it. My best friend knits me those dish cloths...I love them over any I could buy. When mine wears out, I call and beg and she does one or two right away. Good for you teaching yourself. Have a good weekend.

  3. I couldn't imagine being a dispatcher and having to take calls like that! Have you seen the movies for the new Hallie Berry movie where she gets calls from people as a serial killer is getting to them. AWFUL! (sorry I just thought of that, probably not something you'd like to think about!)

    Have you had time to watch Downton Abbey? We need to get our own Netflix! LOL

  4. My mother-in-law knits and has made me several of those dish clothes. I.LOVE.THEM. Perhaps I need to check out youtube and learn to knit myself.
    As for that Starbucks deal... AWESOME!!

  5. I'm back!! Yay!

    So sorry about that call, I don't know how you do it! I worked registration at an ER for a few months and it was SO hard! It takes a strong person to be able to handle it day in and day out!

    Good job on the knitting! Pretty darn good for a first time!! I can't do any of that stuff!!