Weekend Recap

Ohhh weekend.  Why did you have to leave so fast?  We had a good weekend, but there wasn't much time for relaxing!  Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents house for the night.  We didn't leave until around 2:00 and it takes us an hour to get there.  We hung out there for a bit, Brian headed to work around 5:00, then my dad left to head to work for a bit.  So that left Me, Emma and my Mom.  We went to a local restaurant and had dinner.  Emma ordered her favorite drink.  A Shirley Temple.  She also asked that they put it in a "fancy" glass =)  She cracks me up some times! 

We had some yummy food!  Calzones =)

After dinner we headed back to my parents house, and I headed out to go and ride with Brian at the PD!  He's been a police officer since before we met, and I had never gone out riding with him while he was on duty.  I got there around 8ish and left a little after midnight.  Nothing too exciting went on....but while he was on a traffic stop I snapped a picture of him...haha

That was the extent of excitement for the night!  But it was fun! =)


So I started this post around midnight.  Emma was sleeping peacefully and all of a sudden I heard a weird sound coming from her.  I ran into the bedroom to find that she was making some weird choking noises and I flipped the light on and the bed, wall, stuffed animals, pillows were completely covered in you guessed it...vomit.  =(  So lets make matters worse.  I call Brian, he came right home to help me...that's a plus of him being a police officer in the next town over, he can do that!  He started the bath for me while I got all the bedding into the wash.  And guess what.  No.Hot.Water.  Ugghhh.  I couldn't believe it.  This has NEVER happened to us.  So at 1:00, I am running up to my inlaws, thankfully they live right up the street.  We wake them up, and give Emma a bath there.  Poor Em =(   So now it's almost 2:00 am and we are sitting in the living room watching cartoons.  I am praying she feels better.  Very soon.