Quick Week Update!

What a week it's been!  I really have no photos to share at all tonight.  Well maybe a couple of cell phone pictures.  I haven't taken my camera with us anywhere at all.  So let me back up a little bit to last week.

Last Thursday my mother went to southern Maine for the day.  On her way back she stopped at my work for a bit.  I was super excited because she brought me a sandwich from Panera, and she also bought Emma some clothes for the upcoming school year!  About 35 minutes after she left, my father called me at work.  I knew something had to be wrong because my dad never calls me there.  Pretty much the first words out of his mouth was, your mother is ok, but she's been in an accident.  My heart went right to my throat, and I wanted to throw up.  I left the room to call him back on my cell phone.  He told me she was traveling down the interstate, in her mustang with the top down and she hit a bear.  He said she was pretty banged up but was ok.  After about an hour I was finally able to get a hold of her on her cell phone.  I'm so thankful that she was ok and wasn't too seriously injured.  The bear on the other hand didn't make it.  The next day I was off from work, so Brian and I, and Emma of course packed up for the day and went to go visit her.  Her arm was all black and blue and her hand was pretty swollen.  Things can happen so fast and you just never know.  I'm very thankful that it wasn't worse!!!! 

So moving on!  My mother in law bought Emma new water goggles and a snorkle! 

 I about died laughing when she put this on!  She was moving her arms like she was swimming =)  A little bit big for her, but it will do the purpose =)

After we got back from Florida, which was in May, Emma "misplaced" her Nintendo Dsi.  Seriously!  How do you lose it?  Only my child.  Well she found it.  And obviously this goes to say that I didn't look very hard either, because it was on the lip of the floor molding in her bedroom, BEHIND her door!  So we have found it, and she is addicted to it once again.  

 Emma finished gymnastics class on Saturday!  I signed her up last week for the level 2 class, and she was soooo excited to start level 2.  Well.  On Saturday they gave us her "certificate" of completion.  All of the steps had to be completely checked off before moving on to Level 2.  And guess what?  All of the steps weren't checked off, and Emma has to re-do level 1.  She was kinda sad, but I told her that this is going to just make her even better at it!  She still loves gymnastics, so that makes me super happy! =)  And I can't even begin to tell you how much I love watching her do it! 

I hope everyone enjoys their week!!  I'm *hopefully* going to buy my new car on Thursday!  As long as everything goes well!!! =) 


  1. I"m so glad your mom is ok! ....but I'm completely amazed by the idea that you can be driving down the road and hit a BEAR!!!!!!!!! haha. Around here we hit squirrels....or maybe a deer....I can't imagine seeing a bear walking around!

  2. A bear! OMG! So glad she is ok! We have deer & squirrels here, too! I would have had a heart attack just seeing the bear! LOL!

  3. When I "hit a bear" I seriously jumped and gasped. My friend gave me a funny look.

    The picture of E with the DS and the sucker cracks me up!