Our Weekend!

Hi All!  We had a really good weekend here =)  Friday Emma had gymnastics.  I'm soooooo proud of this little girl, she is doing amazing!!!  She has tried other sports in the past but never really enjoyed them.  She enjoys gymnastics so much.  She's a natrual with it =)   I'm super glad that the summer olympics are this summer because I think she's going to love watching them! 

Friday afternoon a friend of mine came to our house for the night.  Emma was super excited.  She was a junior bridesmaid in my wedding.  Now she is almost 17 years old and Emma thinks it's so cool to "hang" out with a teenager.  haha   After gymnastics we went and had pedicures together!  I didn't have my camera with me so excuse the crappy phone photos =)

Emma decided on purple toes with sparkly polish on top of that.  And then decided she had to have her fingernails done as well.  Bright pink polish with sparkles.  Super cute!!

Friday night we headed to a field hockey game at the Univeristy of Maine.  Tia who was staying with us is on her high school field hockey team and they were playing there.  The weather took a sudden turn for the worse so they ended up playing inside the dome.  Or the "bubble" as Emma calls it.  Emma had never been in there so she was excited that it had started to rain. 

After watching the game, Emma decided that she wants to play field hockey now =) 

Saturday was me and Brian's 5 year wedding anniversary! =)  I cannot believe it has been 5 years already!  Time flies by so quickly.  We unfortunately didn't do anything because I made a mistake and scheduled a Thirty-One party at our house that afternoon and then we both had to work that night.  But, we have plans very soon for a date night =) 

The thirty-one party was awesome!  I had a bunch of people come and sold almost $700.00 worth of stuff, so that means I got almost $100 of free stuff =)  Love it!!

The 4th of July is on Wednesday and I honestly can't believe it is here already!  Brian has to work that day so he won't be able to come to the parade and stuff with us.  So Emma and I are heading to my parents house for the day to enjoy the parade, BBQ and time with family.  And of course fireworks that night =) 

I hope everyone enjoys their week!!! =)


  1. I love pedicures. Can't wait for Emma to sit still and go too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Exciting about your thirty one party too :-)

    Enjoy your 4th! It's supposed to be like 98 degrees here on the 4th...I think we'll only be able to venture out for fireworks at night!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love thirty one stuff!! My consultant is moving this week, though! Argh!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful 4th!