Bah Habah & 80th Blog Post!

It's my 80th blog post!!  I've surprised myself big time by keeping up with this blog! =)  I don't update every single day, but I think i'm doing pretty darn good! =)

So yesterday we took a trip to the coast of Maine.  Bar Harbor...or as a person from Maine calls it, Bah Habah.  =) 

We went with my parents.  Well kind of.  They took their own car and we took our car.  Brian and I were suppose to drive my moms mustang and they were going to take our car, but.....Emma didn't want to ride in the Mustang, and wanted daddy and I to ride in the car with her.  Sooo the 5 year old won that battle.  =) 

First Stop, Lunt's Lobster Pound.  I love it here.  My parents started taking me there when I was about a year old.  We go every year.  The food is amazing.  We enjoyed Lobsters, Steamed Clams & corn on the cob.

Em LOVES lobster!  And steamers too.  =)


I love that everything is so fresh here, and cooked right outside while you wait. 

After having lunch we headed to downtown Bar Harbor.  It's really the picturesque coastal community.  Really beautiful, but there is no way I could live there.  Way too many tourists! haha

Someday Brian and I will stay here.  The Bar Harbor Inn & Spa.   It's goregous there =)

Check out the Pose.  I asked Em to stand there so I could take her photo, and she gives me this pose!  Model much?  =)

So we did some shopping in downtown Bar Harbor.  I got a new coffee mug =)  Emma got a new shirt and Brian ended up getting 2 Boston Red Sox signs for his future "man room"

After that we headed to Acadia National Park.  I really wanted to take Emma to Thunder Hole.  Basically it's on the ocean, the waves come up onto this hugggeee rock and it makes a sound like it's thundering.  However there were hardly any waves and she didn't hear the "thunder" noise.  I promised her when we got home we would look it up on youtube so she could see it.  And we did!

My mom and dad riding around in their convertible.  Yeah.  I'll admit it.  I was slightly jealous =)

Emma and Brian taking a walk.  Yeah she's wearing her 3rd shirt for the day! 

After walking around for a bit we headed back to the car for a little drive.  We ended up in Northeast Harbor...where Martha Stewarts house is.  Although we have never been able to find it.  We found a cute little beach though.  Emma insisted she get her "babin" suit on.  =)

This is my favorite picture from today.  I think the photos that aren't "staged" are always the ones that come out the best. 
We had a great day yesterday.  Our morning even started out with Emma crying hysterically.  I don't even remember now what the issue was, but she quickly got over it as soon as my parents arrived.  Just a tiny melt down =)

It was the hottest day ever today here!  I took Emma to the pool at 10am this morning.  By that time it was already about 88 degrees.  She had a blast swimming for about 3 hours =)

I didn't take many photos at the pool today because I was enjoying the sun =)  After we left there we headed to Em's gymnastics class.  She is doing really well with it!  We have had a good couple of days.  Soooo wish I wasn't working this weekend.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend =)


  1. Her model pose cracked me up! :-)

    I must say, I hate seafood so those pictures kinda grossed me out LOL...but the location is so beautiful! The upper east coast has always been on my "to visit" list

    1. Haha, seafood is good!! =) The east coast is nice, well in the summer it's nice. I want to venture out west sometime. =)

  2. Loving her model pose. That inn looks pretty. Great pictures.

    It was 85 here by 10am too. Well be swimming tomorrow. We couldn't swim cause grandma was getting her pool chlorinated.

  3. I'm so jealous of all the beautiful pictures of Maine. I think summer time there would be so nice! Looks like a fun trip.

    It is funny about the lobsters, since I didn't grow up in a seafood area, I'm scared to death of them! Wouldn't know where to start to eat one! I have had lobster meat but no a whole lobster! ha

  4. Wonderful pictures! It looks like such a fun time. And those lobsters, OMG, YUMMY!!!!