New Car =)

I FINALLY got my new car!!  We have been searching for the right one since probably February.  I pretty much looked at everything.  Deep down I knew that I wanted a Ford Edge, but I was having a really hard time finding one in my price range.  Well low and be hold I found one that was a program car.  15,000 miles on it and in perfect condition =)  So Thursday We spent pretty much all afternoon at a car dealership about an hour from us, getting all the paperwork signed and in order and then it was all mine =)  I have had a few cars, and by far this is my most favorite one yet!  I love just about everything about it!

I have to laugh at the above photo.  For some reason this picture makes the car look all squished down and funny looking! haha

Emma really likes the back seat, lots of room =)

So i've been pretty psyched the last couple of days!  Now I think that we need to take a day trip somewhere soon in it!  =)

This morning Emma and I made a trip to the Farmers Market.  I love this time of the year when they have all their fresh veggies!  But what i'm loving the most is a lady there that sells homemade bread.  I've talked about it before on here, but she makes the best garlic and dill bread ever.  So we bought 2 small loaves of it.  =) 

I have also started to realize that my love of Iced Coffee is getting quite expensive.  So now i'm making my own in my keurig!  So much cheaper, and we have a keurig at work, so I can make one in the evening at work too.  Gosh i'm addicted to my iced coffee.  Love it!!! 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!! =)