Sweet Summertime

Happy Thursday!!  I finally feel like i'm getting back into the groove of blogging every day and I have to say I love it!  I took a bit of a break the last month or two and it wasn't intentional, just life got busy.  Very busy.  But now we are finally settling into a good routine, just in time for school to start in a couple of weeks! haha =)

With my new job I have weekends off.  And with that, I am able to get to my parents house a lot more than before.  The girls love it because not only do they get to see that side of the family, but in the summer they really enjoy swimming in my parents pool =)  A couple of weeks ago we went for just the day.  Emma loves going to the Mountain that is there, and it's such a pretty ride there.

We attempted to try the picture to make it look like she was holding up the mountain and as you can see we #failedmiserably haha 

After the mountain we went to lunch at a store at the lake.  We all had lobster rolls except Alyx, she chose pizza!

And then it was pool time!

No fear this summer of the water at all!!

The girls swam for a couple of hours and then we headed home.
Emma and I grabbed an iced coffee and Alyx fell asleep =)

I love love these summer days, and I am going to miss them terribly once fall gets here.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!!

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