Show and Tell Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Happy Tuesday Friends!!  
Before I start today I want to remind everyone that tomorrow is Recipe Club day =)  Heather and I have a new co-host joining us, Jenna!  We also have a new graphic.  So join us tomorrow and share what you've been cooking and grab our new graphic =)

Today I am linking up with Andrea and sharing some of my Guilty Pleasures!

My number one Guilty Pleasure?  Coffee.

I am addicted to coffee.  And coffee mugs.  Brian may divorce me if I buy another coffee mug! ha!  
I like my coffee hot and cold.  I drink iced coffee all year long.  Even in the winter.  But I also love a nice really really hot cup of coffee.  

Second Guilty Pleasure?  Chocolate.  

This is going to make me sound snobby, but I only like good chocolate.  

These are my favorites.  I think that cheap chocolate just tastes like your eating a yucky wax! ha!

My Third Guilty Pleasure?  Ice Cream.

Especially Ice Cream that's made here in Maine.  My favorite is Houlton Dairy Farms Chocolate Ice Cream.  But really, I will eat any kind of ice cream.  Ben & Jerrys.  Friendly's.  Anything. =)

Fourth Guilty Pleasure?  Red Sox Baseball =)

What in the world are we going to do when the season is over!?!  They are doing great this season!!

And lastly. 

My Fifth Guilty Pleasure? Nail Polish!

Obsessed.  Just absolutely obsessed with nail polish.  I see a new color and I just have to have it.  My favorite brands are OPI and Essie.  Is there a support group for people like me that have 100's of bottles of this stuff?? Haha =)
So there you have it.  Some of my guilty pleasures.  
What are yours?

Have a great Tuesday!
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