Friday Favorites {What's Bringing Me Joy}

Happy Friday!!  
I hope you all had a great week.  The weekend is almost upon us! =)  

I'm doing things a bit different today and linking up for the first time with Beth, Crystal, Stephanie and Jessica.  Starting today they are hosting a 5 Things Currently Bringing Me Joy.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of this post, and I can't wait to read what brings everyone else joy =)

Summer.  I don't want it to end.  We are really soaking up every single bit of sun right now.

I'm pretty much certain my girls should have been born fish!  They both could swim all day, every day if it were an option.  I am also going to add under number one, being outside.  Winters are hard here in Maine.  I mean really hard.  They are brutally cold, and the snow can be insane.  So during the spring, summer and fall months we try to spend just as much time outside as possible.  Because once winter comes, we are inside a lot.
My new job.  For 15 years I worked in a crazy busy Police/Fire/EMS and 911 Dispatch center.  Someday's I wouldn't be able to even get up to use a bathroom for 7-8 hours.  We worked 10 hours shifts.  The calls I took were both heartbreaking but sometimes rewarding.  I loved my job, however I am very thankful for my new job.

Being able to have pictures of my girls and have a plant on my desk brings me so much Joy!  These are things I could never have on my desk before.  I love this little space that's just mine =)

Ok this one may be a frivolous joy.  But it's an important thing that brings me lots of Joy.


Lots and lots of coffee!

Coffee gives me life! Haha  Hot, cold I don't care, i'll drink it =)

Red Sox.  You guys, you know I am a die hard Red Sox fan.  My whole family is.  My biggest Joy this past week was going to the Red Sox/Yankees game.  And spending time with just Brian.

We had the BEST time!
We certainly love Fenway Park and our Red Sox.
We are hoping to make it to another game next year.  Now let's just think #WorldSeries =)

Lastly.  What is bringing me Joy are the friends that I have "met" through blogging.
I never thought when I started blogging back in 2011 that I would develop friendships with these ladies, and I have never even met them!

Heather and Justine have become my closest "blog" friends.

Justine no longer blogs, but we still keep in touch!

And Heather blogs pretty much on a daily basis over at My Glittery Heart.

And she has a really great Etsy Shop, Oh My Glitter.  She is on Instagram as Ohmyglitterdesigns, and once she hits 1000 followers, she is going to host an amazing giveway, So go right now and like her page!!

I hope you all have a great Friday and a great Weekend.  Don't forget...every Monday Heather and I host a linkup, hello Monday.  Any post goes, so grab our graphic and join us Monday!

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