Happy Easter!

In my last post I said I would start blogging more...well I have totally lacked there.  We've been super busy lately, and I'm remembering what being pregnant is like.  LOL  Last week I was pretty sick.  Not just in the morning either.  Pretty much all day.  Emma was the biggest help and sweetheart and always asking me how I was feeling and if she could do anything for me.  She really is the sweetest little girl =)  But, I am starting to feel a lot better.  If I could just get over being tired ALL the time.  Anyway.  Let's back up to several days ago.

Thursday Emma woke up really congested.  She was at my mother in laws house since Brian and I were both working.  She got up at 3:30 am because she didn't feel well.  We kept her home from school, and she basically just lounged around all day.  Just before I left for work on Thursday she fell asleep.  I get to work and about 4:45 pm Brian called me, and I could instantly tell something was wrong just from the sound of his voice.  He said he woke Emma up and she couldn't take a breath and she was really lathergic.  Thankfully my brother in law who is a paramedic happened to be right there and he came over and they rushed her to the ER.  I got to the hospital the same time as them, and let me tell you she looked so pathetic.  Not herself at all.  I was getting her registered and noticed a pretty big wait.  Well the nurse came out and happened to be one of my next door neighbors from growing up, and she brought us in the room immediately...no wait for us!  After doing some tests and seeing the doctor they believe since she was so congested that she had a mucus build up and it caused an airway obstruction.  Pretty scary.  After a while of being there she started to act just like herself again =)

She stayed home from school on Friday, and she is doing much better now.  Thank God.

Saturday we got up pretty early.  It was my nieces 10th Birthday =)  I cannot believe she is 10 years old already!  So that brings me to, what in the world do you get a 10 year old girl for a gift??  haha  I had the hardest time.  And of course waited until the very last minute...that morning.  We ended up getting her an amazon gift card for her Kindle and then 2 books.  Remember the Babysitters Club series from about 20 years ago?  That's what I got her for books!  Hope she loves them as much as I did!

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with my brother in laws, his wife, and their 2 kids.  We have a fairly new restaurant in town called The Family Dog.  It's pretty cool.  Each table has some sort of retro game on it.  Ours had Jenga on it.  Emma and her cousin had a blast playing it while waiting for our meal!

Brian and I stayed up wayyyy too late on Saturday night.  We were trying to prepare for the "Easter Bunny".  And Sunday morning bright and early shortly after 7am, Emma woke up and was ready to find eggs!  I do have lots of Easter pictures, but they are at home and i'm at work.  Darn!

She got a cute shrit from our friends in the mail, and she sported some super awesome Bunny ears too!

I cooked a HUGE meal Sunday for lunch.  Apperantly I was playing the pregancy card and couldn't decide between doing a Ham or a Turkey for lunch.  So why not do both!  LOL 

We had my parents down for lunch, and when I asked my mother to open the oven to baste the turkey, she couldn't believe I cooked both a turkey and a ham! lol   We had lots of good stuff to go with it all too.  My mom baked the best Whoopie Pie cake ever for desert! 

By late Sunday afternoon I was completely exhausted.  Brian and my mom were amazing and they cleaned up after lunch and I layed on the couch and almost fell asleep a few times. 

I hope you all had a great Easter as well =)


  1. So glad Emma is feeling better!

    I was nauseous with my girls for pretty much the first 18 weeks---ugh. I'm going to guess you are having a girl because I'm convinced girls cause the most nausea. It would be so adorable if you had another girl---I can just see Emma and baby in matching/coordinating outfits!! :-)

  2. Poor Emma. So glad she is feeling better!
    The Babysitter series was one of my favorites! I think I had almost every single book. I bet your niece will love them too.

  3. I hope you get feeling better soon! The tired feeling is a tough one isn't it? Take naps when you can!

    So, so glad Emma is okay! Wow! How scary!

  4. Super scary about Emma! I"m glad she is on the mend. Emma has been fighting an ear infection. Had to get a new abx so I hope she starts doing better soon!

    The ham and turkey looked delish! I bet you were happy to have them both to satisfy your taste demands! :)

  5. So scary about Emma!! Glad she is fine! Seems everyone is sick right now!

    I loved The Babysitters Club books!! I've been reading The Boxcar Children books to Emma, and the Easter Bunny brought her a Junie B. Jones book! I'll have to add The Babysitters Club into the rotation! Oh, and I just thought of The Saddle Club! Another one of my old favorites!

    Oh my, that turkey looked delicious! Ham, too. I'm hungry! I didn't get to cook a big meal for Easter, so I'm going to cook a ham tomorrow! Yum!

    Girl, play that prego card any chance you get! I did! Ha!