Baby Update =)

This morning after dropping Emma off at school we headed to the doctor for a baby check up!  I love these appointments where we have an ultra sound, I just love seeing new pictures of Baby Sirois =)  Everything went very well, and i'm 11 1/2 weeks along now.  Soooo much further to go still! lol 

Getting big!!  Tomorrow I have to go back for a Ultrascreen, and then I need to have a bunch of blood work done.  I'm thinking i'll go Thursday and have that done since I am off that day.  It's all starting to get so real now, and we are just beyond excited!!

Emma came home from school today and had a little package that was addressed to
"Big Sister Emma Sirois"
I should have taken a picture of her when she saw it, she was grinning from ear to ear =)
This is what she got

I just LOVE this shirt!!  I have mentioned her on the blog before, Leslie from "The Momma Fish" Etsy shop sent this to Emma!  Leslie is incredibly sweet and thoughtful and as you can tell by her big smile, Emma loved it!  { please don't mind Emma's blue teeth, I think she had just eaten a blue airhead candy, lol }