I've never ran a marathon, infact I don't run at all.  But I am just in shock still at what happened in Boston.  Boston is so close to us, and part of our New England family, so it's hit really close to home.  I'm really tired of having to explain these horrific acts to Emma.  First the Newtown tragedies, and now this.  It's hard to explain to her.  And she has a ton of questions.  Sometimes I have a hard time answering all of her questions. I don't want to shelter her and think that this world is completely fine, and that there are no bad people in the world.  I'm just hoping and praying that this madness in our country stops.  But for now, we are praying for everyone that was affected by this horrible tragedy. 

On another note.  I am feeling SOOOO much better!  I can't even tell you.  The meds i'm on are like a miracle.  As long as I take them when i'm suppose to, i'm good to go.  Other than being exhausted all the time, it's all good right now.  I'm hoping that this naseau will pass soon so that I can stop taking them completely. 

Emma is on school vacation this week.  The weather was beautiful today so she and Brian spent a lot of time outdoors today.  While I slept.  haha  Tomorrow Brian and I are both off so we are planning on taking her to Pirates Cove for some mini golf, and probably lunch somewhere too.  Hopefully the weather will be as nice tomorrow as it was today =) 

My parents are in Florida for the next 2 weeks.  They just left yesterday, and i'm already sick of seeing my mothers facebook posts and getting her texts about how nice it is there, and blah blah blah!  LOL  I know, we were just there in December, but i'm still jealous that they are there and i'm not. HA! =)

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Wednesday!! =)


  1. So glad you are feeling better!!!! We're missing cute Emma pics around here :-P

  2. It is great to hear you are feeling better!

    What a fun day for tomorrow! I love mini golfing!

  3. My heart aches for Boston. :(
    But, so glad to hear you're feeling better!!

  4. Look, you are feeling better!! I read your posts backwards!

    I'm so sad about the whole Boston thing and now the Texas one too. It's hard to keep up on the details since I usually only watch Disney.