Boring Thursday

It's going to be a picture less post today!  Sorry!  I did a whole lot of nothing today, but Sleep!  I got out of work at 2:00 this morning, when straight home and got into bed.  Guess what time I got up today?  1:30 this afternoon!  Can you say tired??  Brian was really good and got Emma up and ready for school and neither of them woke me.

We picked Emma up from school and ran to the store so we could get a couple of sandwiches to bring with us to work.  We have a local store that makes the best sandwiches. I know, this all useless information, however I really have not much to blog about today! ha =)

Emma has a spring concert coming up.  I'm not sure the exact date, but I was thinking last night I really need to get her a new dress.  And low and be hold my mother texted me a picture of a dress she bought her today in Florida.  Perfect! 

So yeah...that's about it.  Now that I have completely bored you all to death with this.  Carry some more exciting blogs today other than mine.  Hahaha =)