Princess Makeover

When we were in Florida this past April, I had made reservations for Emma to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  It was by far one of the best experiences we have done with Emma.  She loved every second of it, and I knew since we were going again that she just had to go again.  So I made reservations for her again.  I know...she's kinda spoiled =)

Last time she wanted to dress up like Belle.  I had bought a dress for her off Etsy that I just LOVED!  This time she wanted to be Cinderella, and wanted to wear a regular Cinderella dress up dress.  We got up pretty early and headed to Downtown Disney to the...Bibbidi...Bobbidi...Boutique!!!

This was Emma's fairgodmohter.  Her name was Courtney.  She was wonderful.  She told Emma lots of great stories.  One being that Courtney is actually 222 years old.  Emma thought that was sooo awesome!  She was great!
After the Princess makeover we headed to the Magic Kingdom!!!!  My mother in law made reservations for us to have lunch inside the castle at Cinderella's Royal Table =)
I just love these topiaries!
You can barely see Miss Emma in this picture because the Castle is just so big!!
Emma finally met Cinderella!  She was sooo excited!  And I love how Em is holding her hands in this picture =)
After meeting with Cinderella we headed up stairs for our lunch.
The food was amazzzzinngg!!  Of course I had to take pictures of it!

As we were eating, all the different Princesses came around to the tables for photos and autographs.  My favorite is Snow White.  So I couldn't wait for Emma to see her too!
I love this picture of Emma looking out the window at the Castle =)

After lunch she was more than ready to get out of her dress.  I can't say I blame her, it looked kinda itchy! 

And this was the end of this day.  By 7:00 that night we were exhausted!  We had such long days while we were there, but every minute was worth it.  Stay tuned for more!!