Happy December 1st!

It's officially December 1st!  And that means....25 days until Christmas!  We love Christmas in our house.  And not just for the presents, but traditions we have made over the last few years.  It is definately one of our favorite times of the year....minus the unbelievably cold weather we are experiencing right now!

Sooo with 25 days until the big day...One thing I look forward to doing with Emma is watching all the Christmas shows on TV.  They have a ton of good movies on ABC Family.  Here is the lineup for the shows =)

We got up this morning and Emma was excited because she finally got to open one of the windows of her advent calander!  My mom found the advent calander this year for her, and I think it's pretty cute!

Last night we made a seafood chowder for dinner.  Oh.My.  It was sooo good!  We used shrimp, scallops, haddock and lobster.  

I think there may have been more seafood in it than broth! ha! =)

So now here is just a few random pictures from today.  We kinda had a lazy Saturday, other than going to gymnastics this morning =)


We watched Miracle on 34th Street this afternoon.  LOVE this movie!!!  And so did Emma =)

I'm not 100% convinced that Emma was sleeping in this picture.  After she heard the "click" of the camera she opened her eyes.  And then accused me of waking her up! haha  Still cute though =)  

Friday afternoon Brian and I went to a new restaurant in town called the Family Dog.  It's a pretty cool restaurant.  It's burgers, hot dogs & chicken burgers basically.  

For the life of me I cannot remember what my burger was called...but it was delicious!  It was a chicken burger with a chipolte bbq sauce, bbq slaw and bleu cheese.  Sounds like a weird combo, but it worked!  We'll definitely go back there =)

So this is my weekend to work.  Tonight is the Festival of Lights Christmas parade.  And I can't bring Emma.  Because i'm working.  I'm trying to not let it bother me because soon enough we'll be in Florida and making memories there...but this is the first year we haven't been able to bring her.  I never even mentioned it to her, so hopefully she doesn't even think of it! Is that terrible of me? haha

 Hope you all enjoy your weekend =)