It's Saturday...but it's my Monday.  Uggh.  I love when I have weekends off, but oh well!  We had a good last couple of days.  Thursday we took Emma out of school a little early and went to Bar Harbor.  My MIL had a doctors appointment there so we drove her...and it was nice to leave town and go to the ocean =) 

It's so hard to get a really good picture of both the girls! haha

Bar Harbor is such a "tourist" town, but we love it.  We try to get down before the tourist season begins.
Alyx had such a huge smile on her face, but she was covering it with her arm =)
We ended the day with dinner at our favorite place, Green Tea.  I'm hoping that Alyx will love chinese and sushi as much as Emma does!! =)
Yesterday consisted of grocery shopping....and cleaning Emma's room.  Oh my word that child can destroy a room in no time.  And then when it comes to picking up...forget it, she is nowhere to be found!! It took me 1/2 of the afternoon to do, but I got it done and then for some reason decided to spoil her with new bed sheets and a blanket.  Yeah she is totally spoiled that girl!!
She's so happy just hanging out in her carseat and shopping with me =)
Anddd, we had AWESOME temps yesterday!  I wish it could be that temp every day of the week =)
Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I can never get Hannah or Colson to pick up their rooms either. :o/ most of the time it looks like the toy store exploded in their rooms. :oP

  2. Isn't it crazy how messy they can make their rooms?! Joe and I were going to tuck the girls in a few nights ago and when I walked into the girls room, I stopped Joe and told him he wouldn't want to go in there or he would be pretty upset. I made them clean it up the next day, but man! Wish they would just do it daily!

    Glad you had a couple nice days before going to work. 78 is awesome weather! Yay!

  3. What a fun little trip to the beach! We have a few beach communities that are really touristy, but we can't help but love them, too. :)