New Wheels

So I guess you can say i'm the soccer mom now, without the kid that plays soccer! ha!  We traded in Brians car yesterday for a minivan!  I always said, "I will never drive a van!"  Well after having both kids in my Edge, plus the dog and all our luggage and bags when we went places...we decided we needed something bigger.  We opted to trade Brians malibu in, and keep my Edge still.  Brian will drive the Edge, and i'll drive the van.  I honestly have to say that I love love the mini van! 
We got the Chrysler Town & Country =)
There is so much room that it's crazy!  And it has the Stow N Go seating which is awesome, and there is even storage under the seats. 
Emma loves it...and i'm certain that Alyx does too =)  The only thing it doesn't have is the DVD system in it.  But we have Emma's portable DVD player that we can hook up in it. 
We went to Sweet Frog yogurt last night, and it was nice that people were able to ride with us.  Before we had to take seperate vehicles when we went anywhere with people.  So if you are anything like me and say you aren't a mini van type of person...try one out.  You may surprise yourself and love it!! =) 
Other than that, we really haven't been up to a whole lot this week.  Working and school, that is about it.
I had mentioned a post or 2 back that we changed daycares for Alyx.  She is now at a different in home daycare and I honestly couldn't be happier about this.  The lady she is going to is amazing with Alyx.  She sends me texts/pictures of her throughout the day, and keeps a journal going everyday with basically *everything* she does throughout the day.  Every diaper change, every bottle is written down in the journal.  Emma is going to be going there this summer as well on the same days as Alyx.  She went one day last week when it was school vacation, and she had a blast.  The lady also has a daughter named Emma...who is the same age as my Emma!  They got along perfectly and I know this summer they will have a blast with each other!! =) 
I'll leave you with my happy, smiley baby!  She is seriously like this all the time!!  Such a good girl!!


  1. I got a van after I had Brielle and I agree, a van is a must with young kids!!!

    Glad you found a great daycare!

  2. Congrats on the new van! I can definitely see us getting one down the road too!

  3. Beep beep!!! Congratulations and Enjoy!!!