Happy Happy Happy!!!

I just got an e-mail today telling me that my 12 weeks of maternity leave were approved!!!  I'm super excited!  My doctor put me out for 8 weeks, but my employer is allowing me to take the extra 4 weeks, so I will be out for the entire 3 months.  I'm beyond excited and happy!  I think that Emma will be pretty excited to have me home for that amount of time too...at least i'm hoping she will be! hehe =) 

My post from yesterday, I got a few recipe ideas that i'm anxious to try!  So if you have anything that you and your family love...please share!  I'm hoping to get a few meals done, and then freeze them.  That way it will be super easy when Alyx makes her appearance =) 

I can't do a complete picture-less post!  At my baby shower last weekend, my mother gave Emma a new outfit.  She didn't want Em to feel left out of course =) 

I love this outfit!  And I have another shirt that matches the skirt perfectly!  I love that it's boots and leggings weather again! 
So I think we have everything that we pretty much need for when Alyx makes her arrival =)  I still need to get a few more bottles, but in the clothes department...she is set!  She will probably be able to change her clothes numerous times a day with the amount of clothes we have for her! =) 
It has been 7 years since we have been through the baby stage...crazy!  Does anyone have anything for their baby that they can't live without?  Or that you recommened for baby?  I'd love to hear! =) 
Happy Sunday!!