Baby Update {34 Weeks}

Due Date?'s been November 14th all along, but at my appointment on Thursday my c-section was rescheduled for November 12th.  So her birthday at this point is going to be 11-12-13.  Kind of a cool date =)

How far along?  34 weeks 2 days =)

Size of baby?  The app on my phone says she is the size of a large cantaloupe.  My doctor said she weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.  1 1/2 pounds bigger than when Emma was born!

Gender?  Girl! Alyx Grace

Weight gain?  I gained weight since my last appointment! 1 pound!

Maternity Clothes?  Yup all the time.  Wish I could live in comfy pants and tanktops 24/7.

Food Cravings?  I'm all over the place with this right now.  Still Chinese.  But i've also been craving chicken pot pie...which I made.  And I have been wanting Kraft Mac & Cheese...weird!

Movement?  Still all the time.  She sometimes gets me in the ribs, and well that can be painful.

Labor signs?  None at all!

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Sleeping.  Oh how I wish I could sleep!  It's been really bad lately.  I feel like a zombie!  I just can't seem to get comfortable no matter what I do.

Looking forward to?  Metting Alyx!  Just a few weeks to go!

Not a very good picture at all...she was definately camera shy on Thursday! But the picture is the side of her head with her hand made into a fist up by her ear =)  Still cute in my opinion =)


Emma got her school pictures back the other day!  They came out pretty cute!

She looks soooo grown up in this picture I think!!!

It's the weekend, and my weekend to work =(  My mom just stopped and picked Emma up for the day/night.  Emma was excited because they were going out to lunch and then shopping!  Although, Emma wouldn't tell me what they were shopping for.  She kept telling me it was a "secret between her and Nana"  haha =)  

At my appointment on Thursday my doctor said my fluid levels were pretty low for the baby, so I need to drink tons of water.  I like water to a point, but I feel like I may start floating away!  I had to buy a new cup to make it more fun to drink it! LOL

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Hope you all enjoy it!!


  1. That is a fun due date! People always comment when I make appointments, etc. for Brielle and tell them her birth date is 1-11-11 :-) Not much longer to go!

  2. I love the date for her birthday; will be fun & easy to remember!

    Emma's school pictures turned out great!

  3. What a cool birth date! Love her sono pic. Emma's school pic is adorable.

  4. Love her birthday! I have a thing with numbers! :oP Colson was born on 2-1-2011 which I think bis pretty cool. Plus all of my kids were born at a time ending in 6--9:26, 4:16, and 12:36. So yeah, I love the 11-12-13 birthday! :o)