Quick Update

I appologize that my blog has been kinda boring lately.  We've been busy, and well i've just been plain old too tired to blog! haha  I have a ton of pictures on my camera that I need download still.  My intentions were to do that last night...but guess what?  I was tired.  So tired that I was in bed by 8:00, and asleep by about 8:20 I think.  So let's recap the last few days!

Brian and I both had the weekend off.  The entire weekend!  It's so nice for us to actually have 2 days off completely.  We headed north to my parents house on Saturday morning.  Our plan was once we got there Brian and I were going to go for a ride to the mountain and leave Emma with my parents for a couple of hours.  Well, Emma had other plans.  She was insisting on going with us.  She had already been in the car for over an hour on our drive there, so I told her if she went with us there would be absolutely no whining or crying that she was bored.  She ended up doing fairly well...there were a few times she started to whine, but I quickly reminded her she needed to stop! haha  The ride was beautiful!  And I did have my good camera with me, and I think I got some really good pictures on it, but like I said...I haven't downloaded them yet.  I wish I had planned it better too, and put better clothes on Emma.  But oh well, her jeans and under armour sweatshirt will do =)

The colors in the trees were goregous!  I think if we had been up there about a week ago we would have seen a lot of red leaves too, but the yellows and oranges were still beautiful! 
We found this road, off of the road we were on.  It was so pretty.  This would be a great spot to have family photos done next year!! =)
Yesterday, Sunday, my mother had another baby shower for me.  It was actually at my great aunts house.  And she was so funny!  My great aunt is about 80 years old, and she insisted on getting out all her good china and silverware =)  It was really nice to see family and friends from there that I haven't seen in a long time =)  And of course, Alyx got lots of nice new things.  Emma may have received some nice new things too =) 
Alyx is still doing well.  Still baking!  I'm getting more and more uncomfortable every day.  Sleeping is still an issue.  And my feet have started to swell.  Actually only my right foot.  But I keep it elevated as much as possible, and I've been drinking tons of water.  I'm getting so very excited to meet this little peanut!!  We visited with our friends last night who had a baby the other day.  Emma was in heaven holding him, and I could tell she is going to be an awesome sister!! =) 
Our next doctors appointment is on Thursday.  Another ultrasound too.  I love seeing her face on the screen, so hopefully she isn't camera shy Thursday!


  1. Yay for another ultrasound---getting so close!

  2. What a great weekend! The pictures you got our GORGEOUS! Fall is by far my favorite season! How awesome that you got another shower; so fun! And, I can't wait to see the post after Thursday's ultrasound! :-)

  3. ultrasounds were my favorite, I loved seeing my girls

  4. For not being your "good" camera, those are some gorgeous shots! Fall is SO pretty where you live.

    If you get any good U/S pics you'll have to share!!

    1. I was pretty happy with those 2 pictures! And they were actually taken on my phone =)

  5. I adore those pictures! We just don't get a fall here that looks like that! Keep baking that baby girl! Can't wait to see your pictures when she gets here!