Bathroom Pics =)

A couple of you mentioned in my last post you wanted to see pictures of our bathroom.  We just redid our shower, and I tell you what.  It makes taking a shower much more enjoyable now that is brand new! haha  Our shower before was a really terrible yucky yellow color.  Now it's nice and white!  It's not a big huge spectacular shower, it's pretty simple to say the least, but it's perfect for us.  When we bought our house almost 7 years ago we wanted to redo the entire bathroom, but that just wasn't in the cards at the time.  We waited about a year and then redid it, all except for the shower.  But Brian put a fresh coat of paint on everything the other day, and it feels like the bathroom is new again!

Sadly out bathroom is very small, and the only bathroom we have in the house.  Someday we will have another one! 
One thing that annoys me about having a shower curtain is that we have 2 cats who think they can climb it.  Super annoying...haha
And our new shower!  I was going to put all the stuff away for the picture, but I thought, no way, this is real life.  =)
So there you have it, our bathroom.  Nothing too exciting =)

So back to today.  We got up this morning fairly early and wanted to hit up some yard/garage sales.  I'll be honest.  I'm not a *huge* fan of buying someone else's used stuff.  But the area we were at is a really super nice area.  I went to one ladies house and she had a ton of girls clothes for sale.  All name brand.  Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, P.S. Kids which is the aeropostale brand for kids, and more.  I ended up getting a brand spanking new Under Armour hoodie for Emma that is absolutely adorable!  I got a ton of clothes for Emma, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and more for $12.00.  I was super excited about it! 
Brian headed off to work and Emma and I headed to the park which she had been asking about all day long! =)

After being at the park for oh maybe less than 10 minutes we heard a big rumble of thunder and then it started sprinkling.  I knew Emma was disappointed and I turned around and noticed the splash pad so I told Emma to go run through it.  She thought I was joking at first since she was fully clothed. Haha 
She thought it was the best thing!  Running through and getting soaked with her clothes on =)
Thankfully we don't live far from the park so she didn't have to sit in the car soaking wet for long =)
Tomorrow Emma is leaving to go to my parents house for the weekend.  Brian both have to work and they offered to take her.  She's pretty excited about spending the weekend there. 
We're hoping to find a good movie to watch tonight!  Enjoy your Friday all! =)


  1. The new bathroom looks great.
    Emma looks like she had fun at the splash pad. We have one close to us, I need to take the girls to it

  2. Bathroom looks great! Our bathroom is on our to-do list! Got any tips?

  3. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I love it! Great job!

    And, what a fun mom you are to have her go run through the splash pad; I bet she thought it was the best thing ever. Her face says it all! :)

  4. So cute! I love the gray and white, I may have to steal that idea for a new pain job for mine!!! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope Emma has a great weekend! You too of course!!

  5. The bathroom looks amazing--love the colors!

  6. The bathroom looks great!
    When I was growing up I loved when my parents made exceptions and let us get all sorts of wet and dirty. Emma looks like she had a blast!