Thursday Thursday {clever title I know}

The sun has *finally* decided it wanted to come and visit us!!  We have had nothing but rain for over a week now.  I'm so glad to finally see some sunshine =) 

We started out our morning by going to me and Emma's favorite breakfast place!  We love their onion bagels with green olive cream cheese!  I never thought it would be Emma's favorite, but it sure is by far.

Our next stop was Target.  We redid our shower in our bathroom finally.  It was a really really ugly yellow color.  Sunday my dad came down and helped Brian with it, and they completely changed it out.  Now we have a nice sparkling white shower =)  So I wanted to get a bunch of new bathroom stuff, and Emma scored by getting a new thing of chalk and a new dress.  We came home Emma played with chalk and of course got covered in chalk! =)

That's all for now.  Brian just had to leave for work =(  And I have a mandatory meeting tonight at work, so much for an entire day off with my little family. Oh well, there is always tomorrow =)