Lost Tooth!

It finally happened!  Emma lost her very first tooth!  She was the only one in her entire class that hadn't lost one yet.  We had a first grade celebration at her school last week and she pointed out to us that they have a tooth chart on the wall and how she was the only one without a tooth on it.  So needless to say she was soooo excited to go to school after losing it so she could add a tooth to her name! 

She was super excited for the Tooth Fairy to come that night!  The first thing she checked when she got up was her tooth fairy box to see what was left =)
The Tooth Fairy box she is using is the box that I had when I was little.  She thought it was pretty cool that she gets to use mine =) 
So I haven't been away from blogging because I wanted to be.  First off, I have been having really irritating computer problems with Lightroom freezing my computer.  I finally figured out how to fix it though!  And second of all, my camera is irritating me because every one of my photos looks grainy no matter what lens I use, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it!  Any tips, tricks or ideas??
And finally, Emma has her last day of 1st grade on Tuesday!  They go to school just until 11 on Tuesday and then they are done for the summer.  I honestly cannot believe that she is going to be a 2nd grader already!  Definitely a little sad about this, she is growing way too fast.  But we have a fun summer planned, including our trip to Boston to see Taylor Swift!  She's only been counting down since she got the tickets for Christmas!! =)


  1. Yay Emma!!!Raya asked me the other day when the Tooth Fairy will visit her---she's already talking about it so let's hope she doesn't have to wait quite that long! lol

    As for the grainy photos, does it happen outside too? Inside it's tricky to get non-grainy photos unless you have tons of natural light. For those photos I lower my shutter speed as low as I can (without getting motion blur) and lower my f-stop as low as I can too (which my new 50mm 1.8 goes the lowest f out of why I have for lenses).....then last I adjust ISO to as high as I need ....you don't want to increase ISO any higher than absolutely necessary b/c that adds "noise" of grainy look to your photos.

    Then when you edit the more you up the exposure and shadows will obviously add more of a grainy look too.

    Hope that helps! If you do all of that then my limited knowledge really has no more ideas!

    1. I am having the issue both indoor and outdoors. It's so annoying and frustrating. It's a fairly new issue that i'm having. I'm thinking I need to bring my camera to the shop to see if there is maybe something wrong with it. I need and want good photos! haha =)

  2. Ahhhh, 1st grade down so dont blink or she will be graduating from high school. I am seeing that in my grandchildren. Enjoy your summer. I love that she is using the same 'tooth fairy' box that you did....

  3. The Tooth Chart is SUCH a cute idea! Yay Emma!
    I'm terrible with my "good" camera, so I'm sorry I'm no help there. :/

  4. Yay Emma! That is such an exciting time!

    I love that she is using your old tooth fairy box!