Is it a Boy? or Is it a Girl?

It's a Girl!!!

We are beyond happy and excited!!  To be honest, I was certain that we were having a boy.  All the boy dreams I have had, I was certain of it.  But she's definately a girl =)  And a stubborn little girl she is already!  She did not want to show us today a good picture of her at all today.  And it took the Ultrasound lady forever to get the picture showing us she is a girl!  But we finally got one =)  Everything with her looks great and healthy.  I wanted it to be a special moment for Emma too.  We took her with us, and the lady that did the Ultrasound whispered to Emma the gender of the baby, and then Emma got to tell me and Brian =) 

Since I am an only child, this will be the 2nd granddaughter for my parents, and my inlaws 5th grandaughter!  No boys at all on either side! 

Emma and I are anxious to start shopping, shopping, shopping!  =)

Stay tuned later today for another post about our weekend =)