What's up Wednesday

I completely forgot that today is the What's up Wednesday linkup, so you get 2 posts from me today!  Linking up with Mel, Shaeffer and Shay =)

What we are eating this week...

Monday: Grilled Hot Dogs and onions with watermelon and cantelope 
Tuesday: Grilled chicken, parmsean noodles and corn on the cob
Wednesday: Pizza 
Thursday: Salads at home with left over chicken 
Friday: Up in the air
Saturday & Sunday: We are out of town

What I'm reminiscing about...

Emma is in 4th grade this year, and this coming fall she will be starting 5th grade.  My little girl is growing up and she's in her last year of Elementary school =(
It seems like sending her off to Kindergarten was just yesterday.

What I'm loving...

This seriously warm weather we've been having!  I hope it stays!!

What we've been up to...

Softball.  Softball, and did I mention Softball?!?  It's almost coming to and end, but we've so enjoyed this season!

What I'm dreading...

I honestly can't say I'm dreading anything.  But maybe Emma starting her last year of Elementary school this fall.

What I'm working on...

Sprucing the outside of our house up.  We planted flowers, but I have a few little projects that I want to complete in the next week or so.

What I'm excited about...

Summer!!  Lots and lots of pool evenings!  If you've read my blog long enough than you will remember last summer we spent almost every evening at the pool and it was by far one of our most memorable summers ever.

What I'm watching...

The Bachelorette started the other night, and I love it so far!  Big JoJo fan!

And of course I'm also watching my most favorite show ever...

What I'm reading...

Not a single thing at the moment!  I'm in a book rut I think :/

What I'm listening to...

Right now I'm hooked on the song "Holy" by Florida Georgia Line.  I love love love them!

What I'm doing this weekend...

We are going to my parents for the weekend, and I'm anxious to see family up there.  We also have my cousins little girls Birthday on Sunday there, so the girls are really looking forward to seeing their cousins =)

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Summer v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!!  Emma has a bunch of summer camps she is doing this year and I am excited for her to start them.  I know she is going to have a blast!

What I'm looking forward to this summer...

Pool and lake days.  Eating popsicles outside.  Late bed times.  Eating dinner outside.  Basically everything that comes with warm weather =)

Have a great Wednesday!  And don't forgot, there are 2 posts from me today! haha =)
You can find the other one HERE.


  1. Enjoy the last year of Elementary school. Ian just graduated from 5th grade and it was AWFUL:(

    We are so looking forward to pool and lake days as well! Headed to the lake this weekend!

    Love HOLY by FGL:)

    1. I am sooo not looking forward to Middle School =( Ugh. LOL Enjoy your weekend at the lake!!

  2. Oh that sweet picture of Emma from kindergarten - hold on tight mama!!

  3. We are going to be living parallel lives this summer!! We LIVE at the pool! It is definitely our happy place!

    1. It's our happy place for sure too! =)

  4. Emma's little kindergarten picture is so cute! Time flies when you're having fun!! We are looking forward to some pool nights this summer, too!

    1. It sure does fly by way too fast. I can't wait for pool evenings!

  5. I just got on the Fixer Upper train (I actually posted a semi-remodel (built a table) on my blog today). Joanna and Chip can come to my house anytime and situate it as need be! hah!

    1. I'll check our your blog to see your re-do!! =)

  6. I feel like I'm looking forward to summer break too! Today was our last day of school and things have been sooo hectic!

    1. They tend to get very hectic towards the end of the year that's for sure!

  7. I love grilling season and all things about this time of year!!! And we are super obsessed with Fixer Upper over here too!!

    1. I agree, grilling season is the best. Easy cleanup and everything always tastes so so good!

  8. I am going to watch the Bachelorette for the firs time ever this season. I am going to try and watch it this evening but I'm hoping I like it and its something I can get on board with. Because I like the idea of seeing someone else's drama :)

    1. I hope you love the Bachelorette! There is always crazy drama and crazy girls, haha =) Makes my life seem really really boring! =)