Tuesday Talk {ipsy}

Hi!  Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a good week so far.  It's been a crazy week so far and it's only Tuesday! Ha!  I worked a crazy shift Sunday night into Monday morning and my body is all out of whack today.  I haven't worked a complete overnight in so so long, and now I know why.  I'll stick to days from now on =)  

Today I am going to share my first ever Ipsy bag!  I feel like so many people have jumped on this band wagon and I feel like i'm so behind, haha =)  So last month I signed up and figured I would give it a shot.  There are sooo many of these around now, Birchbox, Ipsy, Influenster, and even Target has a monthly beauty box now.  I chose Ipsy, and honestly for no particular reason.  So to sign up it's $10.00 a month and that includes shipping.  You take a survey first about products that you like/dislike and then they compile a bag with 4-5 products in it.  Yesterday my Ipsy bag came! 

It comes packaged in this pretty pink foil packing, and inside this is what I found...

Cute little bag!  Emma immediately thought she should have this bag ;)

Inside the bag were all sorts of fun goodies.

So here is what I got in my bag.  

hanalei lip treatement.  I'm anxious to try this.  My lips can get so dry at times.

Also there was a jelly pong pong bronzer.  

I'm very excited to try this!  

Also, a makeup brush, and it's super soft.

A waterproof gel eyeliner.  I've never used a gel liner, so i'm interested to see how it is going to work!  

And the last item in my bag is a hungry hair oil treatment.  I'm not sure how well this is going to work but I will give it a try.  My hair can be soo dry because it's so curly.  I'll give this a shot some day and let you know how it works =)

There is my May 2016 bag.  I'm glad I signed up and i'm anxious already to see what my June bag will look like! ha =)  
Do you have Ipsy?  If so what are your thoughts on it?  And if you don't have Ipsy, and you want to try it here is a referal code =)


If you try it and aren't happy with it, you can cancel at anytime, with no questions asked!  

Have a great Tuesday!  Linking up today with the ladies of Tuesday Talk =)

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  1. What a fun bag of beauty goodies!! Definitely let us know what you think of the bronzer- I'm always on the lookout for a good one!

  2. That looks fun! I like that they ask you questions first, so the products are something that works for you.

    1. Hopefully all the bags are fun! haha =)

  3. Such great goodies here! Enjoy them. Love the cute bag too.

  4. I got the same bag but in purple and all my items are completely different. I'm going to post about them this weekend.

    1. I'm anxious to see what you received Stephanie! =)

  5. I also get Ipsy and we got some of the same items this month! My daughter tried to steal the bag from me too!