Secret Santa & Fall Favorites

I don't have a lot to post about today, so I thought I would do a post about some of my fall favs.  And also one of my favorite bloggers blogged this morning about a really cool swap!  Jenny from The Chronicles of We and a couple of other gals are hosting a "Secret Santa, Mommy & Me Book exchange" =)  All you have to do is buy 2 books.  One for a fellow blogger and one for their kiddo.  They will pair you up with another blogger.  I think it sounds like a lot of fun, and you all should join it as well! It's a great way to start off the upcoming Holiday Season! =)

 I love this time of the year.  No snow yet, but the temps are cool outside yet still comfortable!
 However I hear that we have snow coming this weekend!  Wayyy too early in my opinion!

My very favorite candle brand ever is Yankee Candle.  And I have fallen in love with this new fall scent.  

I've always loved a pumpkin candle...but this Apple Pumpkin is A-Mazing!!  And since having kids, i'm not a huge fan of actually "lighting" a candle.  I love the candle warmers, and this is the one I have.

I got this one about a year ago at Hobby Lobby.  I love it!  

And of course this time of the year it's Starbucks Pumpkin latte time!  I haven't had many this season, but I do plan to!

When i'm at home both kiddos and really don't feel like going out, I whip up a mug of hot cocoa.  And I know that I have mentioned this many times before, but Land o' Lakes makes the BEST cocoa ever!

Who doesn't love a great crockpot meal??  Especially this time of the year.  I am loving putting something in the crockpot before I head to work and coming home to dinner completely cooked!  I also love it when I find a great recipe on Pinterest!   This is what we had last night.

Taco Chili....You must try!  Here's the link for it: Taco Chili

I'm also loving Fall nail colors!

Have you ever made your own simmering spices?  Or Potpourri?  I haven't done this yet this year, but I am going to very soon!  It's great for the Fall/Christmas season!

You can use anything from orange peels, to apples.  Cinnamon sticks and cranberries.  Just add water to a stove pot maybe some pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg...anything to make it smell nice and holiday-ish!  Put everything into a pot with some water and let it simmer on your stove all day.  Trust me, you will love it!

There you have it...some of my fall favs.  What are some of your favorites? =)

Oh Monday.

Why must weekends go by so fast?  My morning started out kind of like this.

Wayyyy too early.  And I went to bed a little later than I normally do.  So tonight will definitely be an early night to bed!  At least I have some down time this morning to get some blogging done =)

We had a really great weekend.  Friday night Brian had to work, so I took the girls to my parents house for the night.  My parents had no idea we were coming up there so they were excited to see them!  And me too of course =)

Saturday morning my dad took Emma to a hunters breakfast bright and early, and then they came back with coffee from D&D for me...yumm!

Later in the afternoon we went grocery shopping with my mom.  Alyx was looking pretty cute Saturday if I do say so myself =)

And then Emma and I went to the park.  We didn't stay as long as she wanted because, well let's face it was cold. 

This kid could flip on bars  And when we leave the park it's always, "just one more time" Haha

Alyx isn't quite sure what to think of the Curious George Jack in the Box.  She likes it, but I think it also kind of freaks her out a bit.

And I think Miss Emma wanted to stay in her pj's all day yesterday and lay in bed at Nana's and watch tv. 

We got home yesterday afternoon and Brian watched the Patriots game while I grocery shopped.  We decided on making homemade Chinese last night.  It was so much better than take out Chinese too!

 The beef and brocolli was the best ever!  I'll have to share the recipe soon!

Well...Happy Monday all!!

Thursday Randoms

Field Hockey has come to an end.  Emma is sooo sad about this.  As much as she really disliked it in the beginning, she ended up absolutely loving it!  They did tell us at the end of this last game that they are thinking about doing an indoor field hockey camp this winter.  Keeping our fingers crossed that they do!  

The 2 Emma's!  They finally got their shirts for their last game.  They are so cute, they say Old Town Recreation Field Hockey - Chicks with Sticks! =)

Alyx was very excited about picking Emma up from school the other day as you can see =)  She is too funny!!

I took Miss Alyx to get some new boots the other day...and they stay on her feet!  LOL  And the headband didn't stay too long...that was quickly taken off when she realized it was actually on her head =)

Alyx loves to sit with Emma and watch Elmo =)

This morning I had to switch my hours at work so I was actually home to get the girls ready for the day.  I woke them both up at 5:55, and they were both super sleepy, but in great moods!  They sat in the living room for about 20 mins while I showered and got ready, and watched cartoons.  These 2 girls are the sweetest little girls ever.  And they have such a love for each other.

It's funny now because if Alyx falls, or something happens and she is crying a lot of times she will hold her arms out to Emma if Brian and I aren't right near by.  She sure does love her sister!! =)

Tonight i'm not out of work until 6pm...blah.  But one more day and then we're off for the weekend!! 

Weekend Recap!

It wasn't a very exciting Weekend here.  It was my weekend to work, so the girls spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday with my inlaws.  My parents came down on Sunday afternoon.  My mom watched Alyx, and my dad took Emma out for lunch to a Japanese steak house.  She said they had a blast!  

So let's back up to Friday.  It was super cold and rainy in the morning.  

Alys has been loving playing with all these toys that were Emma's =)

I scored this awesome deal at Target for Alyx for next year.  Speedo neoprene lifejacket for $5.98!  

Saturday I made meatloaf for dinner...and well yeah Alyx loved it =)

There is nothing this girl doesn't like!

Saturday night the girls along with my niece Haley spent the night at my inlaws.

They were all piled into bed getting ready to watch a movie =)

Tonight Emma has her last Field Hockey game of the year.  She loves this sport now, and she already can't wait for next season for it to start!

And it was defiantly Monday morning for me today.  Last night I forgot to get the girls stuff ready for school and daycare.  So I scrambled around at 3:30 this morning to get it ready.  Also I never packed my lunch last night for today.  I left the house to come to work at 4:15 and forgot my debit card at home, and realized I needed gas.  I had to turn around and go back home to get it.  Needless to say I have to  be at work at 5:00 am, and I walked through the door at 4:58.  2 minutes to spare!  Let's hope the rest of the day goes better!  
Happy Monday!

Alyx Grace * 11 Months *

Alyx officially turned 11 Months old on the 5th of this month!  Next month I will be doing her 1 year post!  I know I say this all the time, but this year has completely flown by.  It's crazy.  So happy 11 Months Miss Alyx!

Weight: We've hit 20 pounds!
Length: I'm not entirely certain of length
Hair: I thought for sure she was going to be red, but it's gone to blonde now!  And growing finally!!
Eyes: She's got the bluest eyes ever! =)
Clothing: She can wear some 9 month cloths, but mostly 12 months now
Diapers: Size 3 pampers swaddlers
Sleeping: Still a good sleeper!  She's had an ear infection this week so she's been a little off, but she's mainly sleeping 12 hours a night
Feedings:  She eats all the time it seems! haha  Bottles are around 8ozs but only when she really seems like she needs one.  She is eating basically whatever we eat.  I haven't made a meal yet that she hasn't liked.  She is such an easy far anyway!
Crawling: She's everywhere!!  She pulls herself up as long as she is holding onto something.  And if you stand her up in the middle of the floor she will stand there with no support but she's not taken any steps yet. 
Talking: Alyx says Mumma & DaDa a lot.  And just as of a couple of days ago she screeches out "Emmmmaa" It's the cutest ever!  

These pictures are getting so hard to take!  She wants to rip the sticker off her shirt, and the only time I can get a headband on her now is for just a few minutes.  I love the headbands, but unfortunately she doesn't! haha

This picture just makes me laugh!  The expression on her face is priceless!  These are toys that I just brought up from the basement that were Emma's.  I cleaned them all up and Alyx loves them!!

Happy 11 Months Miss Alyx!  And Happy weekend All!! =)

Fall Swap Reveal!

Who doesn't like a good swap and meeting new blogger friends?!?   I was so excited back about a month ago to find that one of my favorite bloggers Desiree at Macke Monologues, posted about a Fall Swap!  

I was paired with Ang from MeanAng.  2 East coast girls paired together!  Ang sent me some really great stuff!  

An awesome smelling apple candle, 3 kitchen cloths, some chocolate pumpkins, carmel candy apple lollipops and a Dunkin Donuts gift card!


I love getting to know new bloggers, and it's been fun getting to know Ang.   The carmel apple pops were quickly opened by Emma.  She thinks they are hers! lol  I've been burning the apple candle in my kitchen and it smells ohhh sooo good!  And the Dunkin card is tucked away in my wallet for a day when i'm in desperate need of a good cup of coffee =)  The dish cloths are super cute, and I didn't have any falls ones so I was super happy to get some!  And the chocolates have been hidden from Emma...and Brian.  LOL =) 
Thanks again Ang for all the awesome stuff!  It's been nice getting to know you!!

Two Little Pumpkins

We took our little pumpkins to the pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick out the best pumpkins we could find!  I really wanted to take the girls to pick their own pumpkins right from the patch, but we were a little late this year and they had already been picked.  So we had to choose from ones that were picked.  But let me tell you...they had a ton of pumpkins to choose from!

Alyx was cracking us up with this little head tilt she has going on! haha

She enjoyed sitting in a box full o' pumpkins =)

My girls and I =)
  (And this picture totally proves to me that I need to go on a diet! ha!)

We had a good time, and our next weekend off we will carve them!

Later Saturday night we had gone out for a while with the girls.  When we came home, Brian put Alyx up on the table in her carseat and I went to get her out.  When I took the blanket off her lap I found a small box sitting her lap wrapped in the blanket with her.  And this is what I found =)

Needless to say I cried.  Brian was kinda shocked at my reaction! haha  I don't normally get very emotional about stuff like this, but I guess the timing for it was right and I am pretty much in love with it.  Emma wants her own Alex & Ani bracelet now too =) 

Last night in our house was r.o.u.g.h.  Brian brought Alyx to the Dr this morning...and yet again another ear infection.  I can't even tell you how tired of these ear infections I am.  She has a well child check next week and I'm going to speak to our Dr about seeing an ENT.  I think this is her 6th ear infection since she was born.  I'm ready to be done with it! ha!

Hope you all enjoy your Monday...and Columbus Day at that!! =)


It's FRIDAY!!  And Brian and I are both off for the weekend! Woohoo!  =)  I'm not really sure we have any plans other than a little outdoor yard work.  But that is perfectly fine in my opinion.  Sometimes it's nice to just stay home and do nothing.  

Yesterday Emma had her yearly eye appointment.  She is supposed to have one once a year since she was a preemie.  She loves the eye doctor.  And our eye doctor is the best!  And it's kind of a funny story because he was my eye doctor growing up and he actually moved his office to where we are living now.  So I love that we have the same doc, he's awesome.

Alyx lovessss to snuggle with Emma.  Her appointment went great as usual, and her eyesight is still great!!

Alyx has a new love of the dishwasher.  She will stand there and try to take everything out.  Well she has finally learned how to get the plastic stuff out.  So that's our favorite thing to do now.

And we think it's pretty cool to throw the plastic plates around on the floor and drink from the plastic cups.  But at least they were clean dishes!  

Emma insisted on Mac & Cheese for dinner last night.  I complied, because hey it was super easy.  And second, it was a long day at work and after getting up at 3:30 I was exhausted!  

The consensus on the Mac & Cheese with Alyx?  As you can see she loved it as she is shoveling it into her mouth.  This kid loves food.  LOL 

And don't you guys miss TGIF on Friday nights on ABC???  I sooo wish they were still on.  I just know that Emma would love these shows.  She watches Full House on Nick at Nite, but I know she would love the shows Step by Step, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Family Matters.  I know some of these are still on as re-runs on other channels, but how cool would it be to have TGIF come back on Friday nights?!?!  Maybe one day.  Happy Friday all!