First Blog Post!

So here I go.  My very first blog post!!!  I have been following numerous blogs, and have been able to get some really great ideas and advice from other people.  I wanted to start this blog as a way of kind of "scrap booking" favorite trips, places and things that we have done and do.  Emma is growing up super fast and someday she will be able to read this and reminisce about things we have done as a family.  And if I get really ambitious I may even post recipes that we try and love.  That could be kind of fun I suppose! =)   So here we go!  Today after picking Emma up from Pre-K I decided to take her to the University Farm.  If you haven't been there, it is great!  Emma has so much fun when we visit there.  She has even named one of the horses there!  I am really surprised that she isn't afraid of animals at all! 

Emma absolutely loves to visit with the animals.  I think if she could live on a farm she would in a heart beat!  I guess I would too only if I didn't have to do all the chores that went along with it!  So for now we'll just stick to visiting! =) 

I sometimes wonder if Emma ever gets tired of me taking photos of her!  We seriously have thousands upon thousands of photos of her.  Thankfully the digital camera was invented otherwise we would probably be broke developing film all the time! 

So that is it for my first post!  I'm hoping that more people around here will get into blogging as well.  It's a great way to share ideas and see what everyone is up to other than on facebook! =)