What's Up Wednesday {August Edition}

Happy Wednesday Friends!  How on earth is the last Wednesday of August?!?  Where did August even go?  It FLEW by here.  We are gearing up for summer vacation coming to an end and school starting next week.  Today I am joining Mel, Shay and Shaeffer for the monthly linkup.

hello Monday

Happy Monday friends =)  The weekend went by incredibly fast didn't it?!?  We have just a little over one week of summer vacation left, and then it's back to school.  So hopefully this week we can muster up a little fun!
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Friday Favorites

Hello Friday!  This has been a long week and I am SO glad that Friday is here =)  It's also been forever and a day since I did a Friday Favorites post!  I'm sharing our favorites today from the week!

Boston Part 3

Happy Wednesday!  Today I am sharing the final part of our Boston trip.  Can we just go back now?  We love Boston so much and these trips are always so fun.  I am so glad that this time around we were able to bring the girls with us.  They both had so much fun.  So let's recap!

Friday morning Alyx was up by 8:00, had breakfast and was ready to get in the pool.  So we did just that.

Boston Part 2

Happy Tuesday =)  Today I am sharing Part 2 of our trip.  Yesterday I shared our visit to Fenway Park and today I am going to share the second part of that day.

Thursday was a super long day.  We spent that morning at Fenway and then we drove to Woburn for the Mookie Betts clinic.  Emma has been SO excited for this day.  Who am I kidding, we had all been excited.  We love Mookie Betts.  He has had an amazing season so far and to see him in person was just awesome.

I mentioned in yesterdays post that it was hot.  Like soooo hot this day.  The humidity was really disgustingly hot.  Thankfully they had tons of water and Gatorade type drinks for the kids.  We started by getting Emma signed in for the clinic and then they took her picture.

We got there really early so there was a lot of waiting around until it started.  We had Alyx with us and I can't even begin to tell you how good she was!  She never complained or whined once that she was tired, hot, hungry, thirsty, bored, nothing!  

There were a ton of kids here.  Way more than I expected.

The kids were broken up into small groups according to their age.

When he got to Emma's group, Mookie was throwing fly balls to them.
Emma thought this was so much fun!

Alyx enjoyed a popsicle while we were watching =)

We had SO much fun even though it was really hot.  I asked Emma on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, what she thought of it.  She said it was definitely a 10 and something she will never forget!!

After it was done we were starving.  Emma hardly ate any lunch because she was nervous about doing the clinic, so she was ready for a good meal.  We went back to my moms friends house, showered and then went to a super late almost 9pm dinner.

We hadn't been to the Cheesecake Factory in years and it was SO good.
I had the pasta da vinci.

Emma had a gigantic burrito.

And then we headed back for a late night swim and then headed to bed!

Such a fun day!
Tomorrow I will recap our day on Friday! =)
Have a great day!

hello Monday {Boston Part 1}

Happy Monday friends!!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We certainly did here.  But we are exhausted!  We got back late Saturday from Boston and we are all trying to get rested from our few days away.  I decided to recap our trip in 3 parts.  Today I am sharing the first part of our trip.  I hope you will join myself, Lindsay and Heather and linkup your Monday post =)

hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends!  This weekend went by f-a-s-t!  We have a super fun week planned this week, so I wasn't too sad to see Monday come today.  I will probably be MIA from here most of the week.  We are heading to Boston Wednesday morning until Sunday.  The girls are pumped, and Brian and I are excited as well!
Today I am recapping our weekend, so grab a cup of coffee and join me =)

Prime Purchases

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  I was MIA yesterday but i'm back today and i'm joining Tanya for her monthly linkup of Prime Purchases.