What's Up Wednesday {09/30/15}

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!  I'm linking up with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer today for their monthly linkup, What's Up Wednesday =)

What we're eating this week...With all of Emma's after school activities going on, crockpot recipes are the easiest!  Tonight we are having crockpot Pot Roast.  After my hubby drops Emma off at school this morning and Alyx off at daycare, he'll stick it all in the crockpot and let it cook all day =)  We've also done hot chicken sandwiches this week.  I buy a rotisserie chicken from SAMs Club, and shred it.  Mix it with gravy on the stovetop and voilĂ , done!  Put it on some bread, I also made a side of stuffing and put out some cranberry sauce.  Easy Peasy. 

What I'm reminiscing about...Summer.  I'm already wishing it were summer again.  But then again when you head to work in the morning at 5:30 and the temperatures are below 40 degrees...you wish for summer.


What I'm loving...my girls relationship with each other.  I've seen how other siblings can be with each other, and I honestly can't even begin to tell you the love that my girls have for each other.  Emma is like a little mother to Alyx, and whenever Alyx wants something she always says "Emmie do it".  I think it is so adorable that she calls Emma, Emmie =)

What We've Been Up to...Honestly?  Work.  We work crazy hours and days, and we really haven't had a ton of time lately to do anything too fun and exciting.  I had plans for us this coming weekend, but it appears as though those plans are going to be rained out =(  

What I'm dreading....Winter.  

Plain and simple.  Winter.  That's all I have to say about this.

What I'm Working On...Checking stuff off of our Fall Bucket List!  Incase you missed it here is our bucket list for this year.

We have checked a couple of things off, but we still have more to go!  Emma thinks this is the neatest idea =)

What I'm excited About...It's not completely in the works yet, but I'm excited to be planning our next vacation!  Can you guess to where??  Disney of course!  We haven't completely decided when, but we are thinking December of next year.  And we are definitely going to drive again.  Hopefully this time Alyx isn't afraid of Mickey ;)

What I'm Watching/Reading...Do you all know what tonight is?!?  It's the season premiere of Chicago PD!  

I couldn't be more excited about it!  It ended pretty much on a cliff hanger, and before the new season starts I need to refresh my memory on the  last episode, so i'll be watching that tonight too =)
As far as reading goes, i'm not currently reading anything, but on my list is Cameron Cameron Bure's book, Balancing It All.  I just love her!

What I'm listening to...Always, Always, Always my radio in my car is SirusXM "The Highway"

What I'm wearing...I'm not actually wearing these, but I really want them!

And it's raining, so I think these would be perfect, and they are so cute!! 

What I'm doing this weekend....Well, we are *hoping* to get to a pumpkin patch this weekend.  But we will have to see if the weather cooperates!
These pictures were from last year =)

What I'm Looking forward to next Month...Halloween!  I'm excited for both of the girls to get their costumes and take them trick-or-treating.  Ok..Alyx may not be completely into it, but I know Emma is excited =)

Look at that tiny little Emma in the very bottom right hand picture =)  She was just a little over a month old in that picture and just about 5 pounds =)  Seems like just yesterday!!

What else is New...Did anyone happen to catch the movie on Lifetime Movie Network Sunday night??  It was called "Child of Grace".  Pretty much 95% of the movie was filmed in my hometown!  It was so weird watching it and recognizing it all.  And the strangest thing of all, was most of it was filmed at the police department, and it focused mainly on the police chief.  The office that was used in the movie was the actual police chiefs office at the pd.  And that was my dads office when I was growing up!  It was really a great movie.  Check your listings to see if it will be on again!

What is my favorite Halloween tradition...
I always make a big pot of chili or soup on Halloween.  That way it's in the crockpot, and hot so whenever someone is hungry they can grab a bowl.  It's easy easy!

I love these Wednesday linkups!  I think you should all join in too!

Tuesday {Coffee}

Happy Tuesday!!  And do you know what today is???

It's National Coffee Day =)  Seriously, it should become a national holiday!!!  Dunkin Donuts is giving a free Medium hot/iced coffee today =)

I got Emma off to school this morning, and I took a picture of her, and I can't believe how grown up she is looking lately....she needs to stay little forever!  Well, in my book she does anyway ;)

She just looks so old here!

Yesterday Alyx and I went and ran some errands, she fell asleep in the car so it was a perfect time for a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!

Their fall cups are awesome!  I think they should do this with every holiday =)

Normally I like to get my posts done early morning, but today and didn't get done, and now it's time to get Emma from school =)  Happy Tuesday everyone...and don't forget to have a cup of coffee! =)

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  It was a crazy long/busy weekend at work, so for once I'm glad to see Monday here =)

Emma came home from school on Friday with this certificate..

She was given this for Student of the Month at her school =)  We are VERY proud of her!!

This weekend was our towns Fall Celebration.  And unfortunately since I was working I wasn't able to see the parade which Emma was in.

She was on the float for our church, and their float ended up winning 1st place in the children's division!  =)

Saturday morning, it was COLD.  Winter is right around the corner =(

 On my way home from work Saturday I stopped to get Brian a coffee, and I found that Dunkin Donuts now has caramel macchiatos =)

I'm in love.

Sunday early evening we were outside playing, and the girls were being so funny and cute I might add =)

I <3 these two.

We found last night that Alyx likes chickens!

She was chasing them all over the place.  She would touch them and they would peck at her =)  It was pretty cute.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!!  And hope you all had a great weekend =)

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!  My weekend to work, but still it's Friday =)
Linking up with Narci, Andrea & Erika, for Friday Favorites!

Does this say Alyx is feeling better or what?!?  She loves these fake glasses of Emma's =)

My brother in law and his family have chickens, and Emma LOVES to go over and get the eggs.  So the other night I took her over to gather eggs so we could have fresh eggs for breakfast.

I'm actually really surprised that Emma isn't scared of the chickens...she actually loves them!  On this certain night she gathered 9 eggs.  And they were delish!

This nailpolish color I am obsessed with!  Normally after it starts to chip, i'm ready for an entirely different color.  But I keep doing my nails in this same color.  It's OPI, Walking in a Vintervonderland =)

Alyx loves to play with my phone, and the other day we were out running errands and she started fussing so I handed my phone to her.  When we got into the car I realized that she took 202 photos in maybe one minute.  

Future photographer, maybe?? ;)

I can't say this is a favorite by any means, but when we picked Emma up from school on Wednesday she said she was really tired.  I thought she just had a long day at school. 

Unfortunately it wasn't just a long day.  My poor Emma came down with a nasty bug.  She said her eyes hurt and her head hurt.  She stayed in bed all day long yesterday.

I've been lacking in getting our fall decorations out.  I thought maybe yesterday it may happen...but it didn't.  I did manage to get some Mums for outside and that definately makes it more fallish feeling.

I can't decide whether or  not to keep these 2 in this planter.  Thoughts?  

I have slowly been redoing Emma's room a bit.  She loves anything Paris themed, so I've been kind of going that route with her decorations and such.  Yesterday I rearranged her dresser with a new lamp I ordered for her.

 It's definately not finished, but I think it looks 100% better than it did before =)
She got the matching sheet set for her birthday that matches the lamp =)

To make Emma feel a bit better last night I whipped up a batch of her favorite cookies...pumpkin chocolate chip =)

I think they made her feel a bit better...at least I think they did ;)

 Is there anything cuter than matching pj's on sisters?  I mean, really!?!?

I may be a bit biased, but I think I have two of the cutest girls around =)

 And lastly...I hope you all have a great Friday and even better weekend!! =)

Happy Fall Ya'll =)

It's official.  Summer is over...and Fall is here.  I do love fall, just not what follows fall.  It's actually one of my favorite times of the year =)  And this morning was most definitely a fall morning.  When I brought Emma to school it was 50 degrees outside.  It's warmed up already though =)

By this time every year, I'm almost always completely decorated with all our fall decor.  This year it snuck up way too fast, and I hardly have any decorations out.  I do have a few hints of fall here and there though.
One of my favorite fall pieces is a new sign my mom bought me a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby.  

I'm not sure the place it's hanging now is its forever home, but for now it's hanging in our living room.  I love the colors in it =)

My favorite candle is by far Yankee candles.  And right now if you buy 2 candles, you get 2 candles free!  Think Christmas presents people!  Or birthday gifts!  

This candle is pretty much always lit when we are home.  Apple Pumpkin.  Yankee better never retire this scent, because it's my favorite ;)

And of course following along with Pumpkin, our favorite handsoap is Bath & Body Works.

This is a great scent!  I may run and get more today because honestly I don't want to run out of it =)

The other day I was perusing facebook, and came across a recipe that someone had shared.  It was a video of someone taking a slice of bread, and cutting the crust off and then rolling the bread out thin and then filling it with an apple pie filling.  Have you seen it??  Well, I made it last night, and it was a huge hit and so good!

We served ours warm with caramel sauce and french vanilla ice cream.  You must try this!
Here is the recipe:
Cut the crust off as many slices of bread you want.  Roll the bread out so it's nice and flat.  Fill with apple pie filling.  I had made homemade chunky apple sauce so I used that.  Roll them up.  Dip them in melted butter, and then roll in a cinnamon/sugar mixture.  Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  We baked ours closer to 20 minutes.  That's it!  Super easy and so good =)

While I was making my coffee this morning I came back into the living room to find Alyx sound asleep in the recliner...

She is feeling a lot better today, but still a tad tired.  Hence falling asleep shortly after waking up ;)

And speaking of coffee...have you tried the Caramel Macchiato creamer?  It's a must try as well!

Just a splash of it into your coffee and it's *almost* like Starbucks.  Almost ;)

Hope you all have a great First Day of Fall =)