Christmas Recap

Another Christmas season has come and gone again.  This is by far my most favorite time of the year.  And I think my house feels even more cozy with the twinkling of the lights.  I just love it.  We put our Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving this year, and a lot of people asked me why, and well since it's our favorite time of the year, and it so short, why not enjoy it a little longer!  After the near year it will all come down. So anyway...recapping Christmas!
We spent our first Christmas Eve at home this year.  And you know what, It was nice.  We are always on the go and this year we were able to just do things at our own pace.  We always did Christmas Eve at Brians grandparents house, but they have both passed and I kind of enjoy just staying at home.  The girls got matching pajamas from Mrs Clause =)

They looked so cute in them too! =)

For our Christmas Eve dinner we just did appetizers.  And then my father read to Emma and Alyx.  He always reads books to them on Christmas Eve. 

And of course we left a snack for Santa and Rudolph =)

And then off to bed the girls went!  My work does what they call a "Santa Bolo" each year.  They broadcast it on the county's Police/Fire radio channel.  I knew they were going to be doing it, so Brian took out his portable radio and we listened to them do the Santa Bolo.  The girl working actually said our address over the radio and said Santa was last seen getting ready to land on our rooftop!  Emma was in shock!!  I'm so glad my work family was thinking of Emma and did this!

Christmas morning was fun this year...even though I was super sick so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to.  The girls got a ton of stuff!

Emma was a big helper with Alyx and helped her open most all of her gifts.

I made my traditional Monkey bread that we only have once a year =)

Emma finally got her XBox and she was pretty excited about that!

Alyx got an American Girl Bitty Baby.  I got an amazing deal on this.  The entire Bitty Baby set for less than $50.00.  It pays to watch The Today Show on NBC for when they do their Steals & Deals and give you coupon codes =)

Emma got the girl of the year, Isabelle.  My mom gave this to her.  I think she's up to 7 American Girl Dolls now.  Spoiled?  I think so!

Alyx loves her baby.  She carries it around and then will sit on her couch and rock it back and forth.  It's the cutest thing ever!!!  
We didn't do Christmas with Brians family until this past Saturday.  Everyone has been sooo sick.  We still had a good day though.  We all got lots of nice things.  

And my poor Alyx has the stomach bug...bad.  She threw up all day long yesterday and had a fever.  I'm hoping this passes for her soon.  It stinks having a sick baby.  I'm hoping it passes by Emma.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!
We hope you all had a Great Christmas!!!

Christmas Vacation!

It's officially Christmas Vacation!  Well, it actually started on Friday.  Emma is off from school and doesn't go back until January 6th!  She's pretty excited.  I was suppose to be off from work all week, but I ended up giving back 2 days.  So I work today and tomorrow, then I'm done for the week.  So the reason I gave back 2 days of vacation, is because we are going to Disney in April!!!  I wanted to save my vacation time for it.  We are taking a longer trip than normal because we are actually driving this time.  All the way from Maine to Florida.  Hopefully it will go smoothly! back to last week. 

Emma had a "Sparkle" celebration on Friday at school.  I'm guessing they couldn't say they were having a Christmas party, so they called it a sparkle party.  I decided to make some cookies to send in for Emma's class.  We made the melting snowman cookies.

They were actually super easy to make!  And Emma's class loved them =)

Saturday morning Emma had a basketball game.  And can I just say how awesome her team did!?!  They had only 6 players show up for the game.  The other team had 16 players show up.  Em's team ended up losing 20-24.  For only losing by 4 points and having a ton less girls playing...i'd say they did awesome!!  And Emma made a basket too =)

Miss A is loving her new carseat.  We headed to visit my father in law at the hospital after the game.  He had surgery last Thursday and as of today he is still in the hospital.  They really don't think he is going to be home before Christmas.  All the grandkids are pretty upset about this, but we have told them all that we will make the best of it!!! 

Brian worked all weekend, so the girls and I made the hour trip to my parents Saturday night and spent the night.  And as you can see Emma was playing games on her kindle. 

I honestly cannot believe that Christmas is 3 days away!!  I hope everyone enjoys the week!! =)
Happy Monday!

Oh Christmas Tree...

Last night we tried the infamous kids with lights pictures.  They didn't come out as great as I would have liked, but I got a couple of ok ones.  I'm going to try it again tonight and see if changing some settings will help a little!
We'll see what happens tonight, but I can tell you Alyx LOVED playing with the lights! haha
This morning I dressed Alyx up in her new dress, that I am just beyond in love with!  And decided to take some photos with the Christmas tree.  And can I just tell you having 2 cats who absolutely love to screw up our Christmas tree skirt is a pain in the butt!  I had just fixed it and they both came running through slidding on it.  Ugh.  Oh well!!
She is such a ham!  She has this cheesy little smile now and wrinkles her nose.  I love it!
I tried soo hard to get one of her looking at me with the Santa hat but she just wouldn't do it.  Oh well!!
Happy Tuesday all =)

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all!  Hopefully everyone had a great weekend!  I worked all weekend, so this is my last day in before having a couple off.  Even though I worked, we still managed to have fun!  Emma had her first day of basketball on Saturday.  She loved it!  I asked her what her favorite part was and she said, "We got real jerseys this time, not t-shirts" haha =)  I'll take lots of pictures next time and share =)

I finally got all my Christmas cards mailed out.  They were a little later than normal this year, but that's because I was being super picky and couldn't find just the right card.  I've been  holding off on posting the picture, but since everyone that was getting one should have it by now, here it is...

I pretty much love this picture =)  And you would never know that it was cold cold cold outside!  We had the girls photos done a couple of months ago and I had planned on using those photos for a card, but they weren't Christmasy enough.  So one day after work I took the girls, and Gunner outside and snapped about 200 photos, and finally got a good one!  =)

So what's our Elf "Patch" been up to lately? 

 Well, he was very sick one day.  Some meds and a good nights rest and he was all better.  Emma loved this!

I saw a pin on Pinterest that I fell in love with.  It involved a golden ticket for the "Minivan Express"  Dress in pj's and go look at Christmas lights.  Patch had a hand in this one.

 A golden ticket, a new kids size travel mug, a bucket for popcorn, some candy and a new pair of Christmas socks.  Emma totally freaked when she saw this.  She LOVED it!  So last night we went out looking at lights. And there were definitely some people that went all out with their lights this year! =)

Last night Brian and I along with my father in law went and delivered our neighbors across the street an early Christmas gift.  She just recently lost her job, and her husband is fighting a battle of cancer.  It felt so good to give to someone who truly needed this gift we gave them.  We all cried and hugged.  Sometimes we forget that it's people so close by that need extra help during this season. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday!!

Secret Santa * Mommy & Me Book Exchange Reveal *

Back in October I signed up for the Secret Santa Mommy & Me book exchange.  I love me a good swap =)  And this swap was fun, because it didn't just involve me, it involved the girls as well.  My secret Santa was Jenny from The Chronicles of We =)  I have been reading Jenny's blog for a while now, so I was super excited to find that she was my Secret Santa! 

Jenny and her daughter Callie sent Emma & Alyx "Snowmen at Christmas".  We LOVE these books!  Emma's favorite last winter was "Snowmen at Night", and now this is a new favorite.  If you have kids, you need to add these books to your collection.  They are great!!!  Thank you Callie & Jenny!

For my book, Jenny chose "Gone Girl".  I have sooo been wanting to read this!  And see the movie too =)  I haven't started it yet, but I can't wait to! 

 Thank you Jenny & Callie for the books!  We love them!!! =)
I was Secret Santa to Jess from Being Mrs. Beer =)  I can't wait to see if Jess & her little girl Abbie enjoy their books.  I've been reading her blog since finding out I was her "Secret Santa" but haven't commented on any of her posts so she wouldn't know I was paired with her, hehe =)  Jess has the cutest little girl!  I hope they enjoyed their books!
Thanks to Jenny, CourtneyElizabeth for hosting this great swap!!  =)

HUGE Mom Fail...

This morning was the worst Mom fail ever.  Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.  Uggh.  So here it goes.  For Christmas Emma has been asking for one thing, and one thing only.  Every time you ask her what she wants for Christmas this is what you hear, "An Xbox 360."  For an entire year she has asked for one.  So what did I do on black Friday?  I stood in line at Wal-Mart for 2 hours in freezing cold 14 degree weather just so I could get it on sale for $99.00.  Every day Emma asks for one.  And every time she asks I just giggle to myself, and think "It's already been purchased".  Well this morning Brian calls me at work, and tells me that Emma found it in my closet.  My heart sank and I instantly started to cry.  Wondering also why she was in my closet, apparently she thought her ski pants were in there.  And so upset at myself that I hadn't wrapped it yet.  And mad at myself for even putting it in there in the first place.  I've beaten myself up over this all morning long, thinking why didn't I put it in the upstairs closet, or down in the basement, or at my mother in laws house?  I could do this all day, but it's over and she knows about it. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it now.  She just has another 16 days before she can actually get it and open it.  Well, now that i'm done crying over here about this i'll share a photo from our Christmas Party yesterday.  I'll do a whole post on this later, but I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Alyx =)

Looking at this face puts me in a much better mood!  Hope everyone has a great Monday!!