Thursday Confessions

Good Morning!  And Happy Thursday!  I am joining Leigh from Balancing by Faith today with her Thursday Confessions.  I've not done one of these yet, so let's start =) 


I hate candy.  Like chewy sugary yucky candy.  However in the last year I have discovered watermelon sour patch kids, and I'm addicted to them.  Bad.  There is usually always a bag hidden in my car away from my girls...and husband.  That is the only sugary candy I will eat, however give me all the chocolate in the world!


I hate when peoples feet touch my feet.  If I am on the couch without socks on, and Emma's feet touch mine...ugh!  I can't stand the feeling of it.  And she does it just to drive me bonkers, I know it for sure.


I have in the past (once or twice, well maybe three times) changed the clock in the living room ahead by an hour because I was so exhausted and wanted to go to bed and I knew Emma would argue with me that it wasn't time yet.  So when it was actually only 7, the clock said 8.  And she didn't argue and went to bed ;) 


I cannot deal with people who drag their feet.  I really want to just yell at them to pick up their feet and walk normal!  It drives me bonkers!

I have to sleep with a fan on at night.  If there is no fan, sleep just doesn't happen.  It all started when I was in college and I had roomates who were obnoxiously loud in the evenings, and it was the only way I could fall asleep.  I've even had to download a white noise app on my phone when we were in a hotel once.  


I love love love watching Emma play sports, But I confess I can't handle some of the parents.  They act like these kids are playing a professional sport and forgot that they are in deed kids playing.  I've almost lost it a couple of times with certain parents, but I've kept my cool.


When I drive Emma to school I sometimes like to turn the radio up really really loud and start  and singing.  She gets really embarrassed but it's not like I'm doing it while her friends are around...just trying to make her laugh =)   

That's all I have for today =)  Thanks for starting this Leigh =)

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